Air Mail Postal History

The history of aviation in America is the history of the mails, as the post office and the drive for faster delivery of the mail was the principle energy beyond early advances in aviation. Every airport opening, every first flight of a new airmail route, the intriguing Zephelins, and unfortunately there are also crash covers to be collected; amil that shows scars of having been in a mishap in the skys. Of course, the airplane also played a part in our national need for speed and thus developed the covers commemorating Air Races and Special Events. has an extensive and always changing inventory of Air Mail and Air Race related postal history for your collecting enjoyment.

Airport Dedication Covers

Any and all events are a good reason for marking the day with a special postal cover. The celebrations that surrounds the opening of an airport were no exceptions. Certainly a big event in the life of any town as they moved into the modern age of air travel. Frequently with engraved cachets, the majority of these covers bear rubber stamps cachets applied the day of the event and signed by local dignitaries, pilots and Chamber of Commerce members.

Air Races, Air Shows and Special Event Covers

Air Races, airshow and other special event involving aviation would with certainty include the production of a special event cover. Because the mail was so closely linked to the progress of aviation due to the mail contracts that funded much of the development, this is a logical extension and one that is enjoyable for collectors today.

North German Lloyd Lines 'Catapult Mail' Service

Catapult Mail was literally catapulted off specially equipped ships when the launching ship was still a day out of port. Close enough for a plane to leave the ship and reach shore cutting a day off the delivery time for the mail. This was a very limited service, costing an extra charge, and the covers all received a special marking of interest to us today.

Airmail First Flight Covers

First Flight Covers mark the initial transport of mail over newly established routes connecting cities to the new wonder of airmail. Know as CAM routed for domestic mail and FAM routes for international mail, a collection of these covers in any degree of completeness is a challenge that can give years of enjoyment.
Graf Zephelin Flight Cover - Europa Pan-America First Flight
Code: A5974*Vault
Price: $650.00
Graf Zephelin First Flight Cover - Europa Pan-America Stutgart to New York, bearing Type 1 (lilac) Eu... more info
Cleveland Hopkin Airport Rededication
Code: A5522*covers
Price: $3.00
Rededication of Cleveland Hopkin Airport July 26, 1951 with Cachet sponsored by The Cleveland Chamber ... more info
U.S. #C21 FDC
Code: A5680*Cover
Price: $3.00
U.S. #C21 First Day of Issue with Washington, DC Cancel, February 1937... more info
U.S. #C22 FDC
Code: A5681*Cover
Price: $3.00
U.S. #C22 First Day of Issue with Washington, DC Cancel, February 1937... more info
U.S. #C20 FAM 14
Code: A5695*Cover
Price: $5.00
Trans-Pacific Cover Honolulu to San Francisco (backstamped), December 5, 1935, F.A.M. Route 14 First F... more info
U.S. #23 FAM 18-10a
Code: A5704*Cover
Price: $1.00
U.S. #C23 on FAM 18-10a First Flight Cover New York to Shediac, Canada Une 24, 1939... more info
U.S. #C20 FAM 14 FAM 14
Code: A5706*Cover
Price: $10.00
U.S. #C20 Trans-Pacific Air Mail FAM 14 First Flight Honolulu to San Francisco (backstamped)... more info
U.S. #C10 FDC
Code: A5707*Cover
Price: $3.00
U.S. #C10 FDC First Day of Issue Flight from Little Falls, MN (Lindberghs Home Town... more info
U.S. #C32 CAM 82
Code: A5708*Cover
Price: $3.00
U.S. #C32 FAM 82 First Flight, Del Rio, Texas to San Antonio, June 25, 1948... more info
U.S. #C10 FAM 5
Code: A5709*Cover
Price: $3.00
U.S. #C10 FAM Route 5 to Kingston, Jamaica, backstamped Kingston, December 3, 1930... more info
Hydsburg Alaska Cover
Code: A5711*Cover
Price: $3.00
Emergency mail service March 28, 1940 cover inagurating Emergency Mail Service via Airplane from Hydeb... more info
First Flight Cover for the Convair Turbo-Prop C-131-C
Code: A5712*Cover
Price: $3.00
Convair First Flight Cover First Flight Cover for the Convair Turbo-Prop C-131-C from Fort Worth, Tex... more info

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