Stamps of Denmark

Collecting the stamps of Denmark
Collect the stamps and postal history of Danmark. Celebrate the history and culture, the art and industries of this Nordic Nation. The first stamps of Danmark were issued in 1840, and we feature some early classics.

However our focus with World Search Stamps on is presenting stamps of the modern era, and all are Mint Never Hinged unless noted otherwise.

Denmark First Day Covers

Enjoy our stock of First Day Covers from Denmark, assembled by year of issue, or by topical interest. All of the covers are in excellent condition, issued by the Danmark Royal Post. First Day of Issue Covers add enhanced perspective to the stamps with Graphic Cachets, placing the stamps as postage on mail as intended.

Denmark Souvenir Sheets and Booklets

Souvenir Sheets add color and life to a stamp collection. Issued for special occassions and topics of interest, souvenir sheets are favored by topical collectors who collect by themes; art, wildlife, birds, flowers, planes a d trains. And Denmark does not disapoint, offering a full range of graphicly appealing, interesting issues.

Collecting The Stamps of Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands,a self-governing overseas administrative division of the Kingdom of Denmark, began issuing stamps in 1975. Stamps of the Faroe Islands have become popular with modern collectors. Featuring art, wildlife, landscapes, issues of philatelic interest, and many other popular themes for topical collectors, Worldsearch on iHobb maintains a good selection issues.
Code Scott # Description Price  
DAN288 Denmark #288 Round Tower $0.75
DAN293 Denmark #293 Ole Roemer $0.65
DAN300 Denmark #300 Tycho Brahe $0.30
DAN329 Denmark #329 Oersted $1.40
DAN409-10 Denmark #409-10 Niels Bohr $1.00
DAN464 Denmark #464 Symbolic Design $0.30
DAN524 Denmark #524 De Nova Stella $1.75
DAN609-10 Denmark #609-10 Endangered Flora $1.65
DAN611 Denmark #611 Handball $0.40
DAN612-13 Denmark #612-13 Frederiksborg Museum $1.10
DAN614-15 Denmark #614-15 Europa 1978 $1.55
DAN616-19 Denmark #616-19 Landscapes $2.45

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