U.S. Stamps Scott Numbers 2593-3252

U.S. #3252b Christmas Wreaths - strip MNH
Code: USSM3252b*Strip
Price: $8.40
U.S. #3252b Christmas, Traditional Strip of 4 MNH From the Sheet of 20 Showgard Mount Size: SG25... more info
U.S. #3252d Christmas Wreaths - Block of 4 MNH
Code: USSM3252d*Setenant
Price: $18.00
U.S. #3252d Christmas, Traditional - Block of 4 MNH From the Booklet Pane - Die Cut Variety 11.7x11.6 ... more info
U.S. #3257 Weather Vane 'H' Rate  (Black Date) MNH
Code: USSM3257
Price: $0.40
U.S. #3257 Weather Vane H Rate Makeup Stamp MNH Showgard Mount Size: SGEH 25/22... more info

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