Aluminum Cases for Lighthouse Coin Display Boxes

Lighthouse offers an exceptional high-quality aluminum case for storeage and transport of Lighthouse Coin Boxes, including the Lighthouse Coin Capsule Boxes, configured to fit your collection. This is a versatile system built around a case that will accommodate up to 6 Lighthouse 9-slab coin boxes, or 10 of the Lighthouse Boxes for MBCaps and Quadrum 2x2s. These lockable boxes are the final element in a perfect coin collecting system.
Lighthouse Coin Case w/6 trays (Cargo L12 w/TAB8USKBL) - 339247
Code: KO648USK
Price: $89.99
Aluminum Coin Case with 6 trays for slabs Aluminum coin case complete with 6 trays for 48 slabs (PCGS... more info
Lighthouse Coin Case w/6 trays for Quadrum Coin Holders - 339230
Code: KO390M
Price: $79.99
Aluminum Coin Case with 6 Trays for 2x2" Aluminum coin case with 6 trays for 90 2x2" coinholders or Q... more info

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