Glassine Envelopes

Store your duplicate stamps in glassine semi-transparent envelopes, used by the U.S. Post Office for stamps purchased at the P.O. counters. 'Glassines' are also recommended for the storage of negatives and plates from electron microscopes, and temporary storage of seeds and etimology specimens.
Many collectors use our sturdy red boxes to store their glassines. We offer three sizes of Red Boxes that are ideal for storage of stamps in glassines.
Westvaco Brand Glassine Envelopes are available in standard envelope sizes of #1 through #12 Made from semi-transparent #30 glassine. pH neutral archival quality. Open on long edge, with ungummed flap. Strong seams, using anti-tarnish adhesive. envelopes feature seams on two side. (Size #1 envelopes have a side and a bottom seam). Labels adhere to glassine, or print direct to the envelope.

Envelopes are machine counted. Dividers are placed by machine in increments of 100, which are used for our packaging of 100s. We do not physically count the envelopes before shipping.
Glassine Envelope #1 Pkg 100
Code: GL01
Price: $4.75
Glassines - Size 1 - 1000 quantity
Code: GL01-1000
Price: $36.99
Glassine Envelope #2 Pkg 100
Code: GL02
Price: $4.99
Glassines - Size 2 - 1000 quantity
Code: GL02-1000
Price: $35.95
Glassine Envelope #3 Pkg 100
Code: GL03
Price: $4.99
Glassines - Size 3 - 1000 quantity
Code: GL03-1000
Price: $46.99
Glassines - Size 3 - 5000 quantity
Code: GL03-5000
Price: $211.95
G&K Size 3 Red Box
Code: 102BOX
Price: $6.99
Glassine Envelope #4 Pkg 100
Code: GL04
Price: $6.40
Glassines - Size 4 -1000 quantity
Code: GL04-1000
Price: $49.99
G&K Size 4 Red Box
Code: 104BOX
Price: $7.99
Glassine Envelope #4.5 Pkg 100
Code: GL04H
Price: $6.99