U.S. Stamps - Federal Migratory Bird (Duck) Stamps

Duck Stamps are issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior and are required to hunt migratory waterfowl such as ducks and geese.

Since 1934, sales of Federal Duck Stamps have generated more than $800 million, which has been used to purchase or lease over 6 million acres of wetlands habitat in the United States. These lands are protected in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's National Wildlife Refuge System. One of the most consisistenly beautiful stamps produced, to be chosen as the artist for the annual Duck Stamp is a milestone in the life of wildlife artists.

Stamps are listed in chronological order in Mint Never Hinged condition. After the MNH listing we also have a good selection of mint stamps, plus a few Junior Duck Stamp issues

U.S. #RW1 Mallards MNH
Code: USSMRW001
Price: $775.00
U.S. #RW1 MNH Mallards Alighting - 1934... more info
U.S. #RW2 Canvasback Mint
Code: USSHRW002
Price: $600.00
U.S. #RW2 Canvasback Mint... more info
U.S. #RW2 Canvasbacks MNH
Code: USSMRW002
Price: $700.00
U.S. #RW2 MNH Canvasbacks Taking to Flight - 1935... more info
U.S. #RW3 MNH Canadian Geese
Code: USSMRW003
Price: $325.00
U.S. #RW3 MNH Canadian Geese in Flight - 1936... more info
U.S. #RW3 Mint-Hinged Canadian Geese
Code: USSHRW003
Price: $150.00
U.S. #RW3 Mint-Hinged Canadian Geese in Flight - 1936... more info
U.S. #RW4 Scaup Ducks MNH
Code: USSMRW004
Price: $300.00
U.S. #RW4 MNH Scaup Ducks Taking to Flight - 1937... more info
U.S. #RW5 Pintail Drake MNH
Code: USSMRW005
Price: $425.00
U.S. #RW5 MNH Pintail Drake and Hen Alighting - 1938... more info
U.S. #RW6 Teal MNH
Code: USSMRW006
Price: $250.00
U.S. #RW6 MNH Green-winged Teal - 1939... more info
U.S. #RW6 Mint-Hinged Teal
Code: USSHRW006
Price: $115.00
U.S. #RW6 Mint-Hinged Green-winged Teal - 1939... more info
U.S. #RW7 Mallards MNH
Code: USSMRW007
Price: $250.00
U.S. #RW7 MNH Black Mallards - 1940... more info
U.S. #RW8 Ruddy Ducks MNH
Code: USSMRW008
Price: $225.00
U.S. #RW8 MNH Family of Ruddy Ducks - 1941... more info
U.S. #RW9 Baldpates MNH
Code: USSMRW009
Price: $225.00
U.S. #RW9 MNH Baldpates - 1942... more info

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