U.N. Postal Stationery

In addition to tourist mail, which is an important element of the UNPA business, the United Nations is also a major business organization requiring postal stationery for effficient functioning. Make Postal Stationery, Lettersheets, and Postal Cards a part of your collection. We offer a complete listing of the postal stationery of the three United Nations offices.

U.N. New York Postal Stationery

Postal Stationery, Letter Sheets, and Postal Cards issued by the United Nations Office in New York add an important element to a U.N. Stamp Collection. The U.N. Postal Authority issued its first stamped envelope (postal stationery) in 1953, 2 years after the first stamp. The issues since have included Air Letters, air mail and regular post, and postal cards.

U.N. Geneva Postal Stationery

United Nations Postal Stationery from the Office in Geneva consists of 1 Air Letter Sheet based on the 1972 design of the United Nations New York Air Letter Sheet. Beginning in 1969 the United Nations Geneva Post Office has issued 22 postal cards, many with scenes of the art and architecture of the U.N. Geneva Palais des Nations.

U.N. Vienna Postal Stationery

United Nations Postal Stationery of Vienna includes envelope 'entires', air letter sheets and postal cards. Much of the theme around the issues depict the Vienna International Center. Add these attractive issues to your collection for an added element of completeness to your United Nations Collection.

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