Stamps of the Peoples Republic of China

The People's Republic of China (PRC), is the most populous country in the world, with over 1.339 billion citizens. Located in East Asia, the country covers approximately 9.6 million square kilometers (3.7 million square miles). It is the world's second-largest country by land area, and the third- or fourth-largest in total area, depending on the definition of total area.

With its booming economy and vast population, the 'repatriation' of stamps back to China is stimulating a strong demand for all stamps of the PRC and causing a substantial rise in catalog prices for the stamps of PRC. lists as separate categories the stamps of China pre-1949, the stamps of the Republic of China (ROC) and the issues of Hong Kong under both British and PRC sovereignty.

China PRC Postal Cards
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China PRC - Mount Huangshan Pre-Stamped Post Cards A set of 10 postal cards featuring Mount Huangshan... more info

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