Lighthouse MB Coin Boxes for Caps, Slabs, Rounds and Squares

The Lighthouse Coin Boxes, available with square, round or spaces for coins in capsules, offer the complete coin storage, display and security system for the serious collector. Deluxe aluminum cases for 5 and 10 coin boxes are lined in burgundy velour, lockable (2 keys are included), with a comfortable carrying handle and 4 rubber feet. Reinforced plated corners assure these quality German built cases are built to last. Available in two sizes, cases holds up to ten Lighthouse Coin Boxes for 2x2 Coin Holders and coin capsules, or up to six MBXL9USK Lighthouse Coin Boxes for Slabs (holding a total of 54 slabs). The coin boxes (trays) are sold separately. 

Lighthouse MB Boxes for Coins in Capsules

Coin boxes designed to hold Lighthouse coin capsules. Box sizes range from MBCAPS19 with 63 compartments for CAPS 19 to MBCAPS41 Coin box, for US Silver Eagle in caps, with 20 spaces for CAPS 41. Use Lighthouse Coin Boxes for coins in Capsules to provide maximum protection and elegant display of your coins.

Lighthouse Coin Display Boxes with Round Compartments

Lighthouse Coin boxes with round compartments feature divisions for most common coins in the exact size of the coin. These stackable coin boxes offer exceptional security and presentation. Combine the Lighthouse Round Compartment boxes with boxes for Quadrum Capsules, graded slabs and more

Lighthouse Coin Display Boxes with Square Compartments

Lighthouse Coin boxes with square compartments for most common coins. The square corners facilitate easy removal of the coin. The coin box QUADRUM features 20 square compartments 50 x 50 mm for coins in card or Quadrum 2x2's. The boxes range from 35 square compartments up to 35 mm Ø, to a coin box with 99 square compartments up to 19 mm Ø. coin box 35 square compartments up to 35 mm Ø, smoke coloured

Coin Display Boxes for Slabs & Large Items

Lighthouse coin box system includes the XL selection of boxes for storage and display of larger items, including the MBXL9USK with 9 square compartments for US certified coins in PCGS & NGC Coin Holders. Lighthouse XL coin boxes have an overall height of 22mm, these coin drawers provide room for large collector's items. Stackable and combinable with MB and MBG coin drawers

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