U.S. Postage Stamp Catalogs

U.S. Postage Stamp Catalogs are an essential reference tool for stamp collectors. For even the modest collector, a U.S. Stamp Catalog pays for itself when used as a price guide for valuing stamps bought and sold. The insights into varieties, details about a stamp, and insightful knowledge about stamps from the earliest to the recent increases the joy of the hobby.

at iHobb.com we cover the range of U.S. Stamp Catalogs, including the Scott U.S. Specialized Stamp Catalog and Scott Pocket U.S. Stamp Catalog, and also the H.E. Harris United States and British North America (Canada) Catalog. Specialty items such as the U.S. Stamp Color Guide are recommended for the series classic collector.

Scott U.S. Specialized Catalog 2016
Code: C16S
Price: $89.99
2016 Scott U.S. Specialized Stamp Catalog The 2016 edition of Scotts U.S. Specialized Catalogue of ... more info
Scott 2016 U.S. Pocket Stamp Catalogue
Code: P112016
Price: $25.99
2016 Scott U.S. Stamp Pocket Catalog Compact Size, the Scott Pocket Stamp Catalogue is the perfect c... more info
H.E. Harris 2016 US/BNA Stamp Catalog
Code: HEBNA2016
Price: $21.99
2016 US/BNA Postage Stamp Catalog Published since 1935, H.E. Harris Postage Stamp Catalog contains ... more info
Brookman US, Canada & UN Stamp Catalog 2016
Code: BROOKMAN2016
Price: $29.99
Brookman 2016 Full-Color Catalog The Brookman Price Guide for 2016 is the most complete price guide ... more info
2016 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Volume 1
Code: C161
Price: $94.95
2016 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Volume 1 (US and Countries A-B) Almost 9,000 value chan... more info
Micarelli Identification Guide to U.S. Stamps
Code: Z802
Price: $32.50
Micarelli Identification Guide to U.S. Stamps U.S. Regular Issues 1847-1934 The Scott Identification... more info
Scott Specialized COLOR GUIDE for U.S. Stamps
Code: CG01
Price: $44.95
United States Specialized Color Guide When color is essential for proper identification, this is the... more info
Scott Catalog of Errors on U.S. Stamps; 16th Edition
Code: ERSTPE16
Price: $39.99
SCOTT CATALOGUE OF ERRORS ON US POSTAGE STAMPS The 16th edition of the Scott Catalogue of Errors on U.... more info
Scott 2016 Catalog Set w/U.S. Specialized
Price: $399.95
Scott 2016 Postage Stamp Catalog Set, Volume 1 - 6 PLUS the U.S. Specialized Catalog Order the enti... more info

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