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WORLD SEARCH Stamps by Country is an important source for collectors building a world collection on a budget. Offering stamps of many countries and adding two new countries via our newsletter each month. All stamps are discounted below Scott Catalog Prices with additional savings available as listed each month in our World Search Stamps by Country Newsletter.

Canada Stamps, Postal Stationery and Postal History

Browse our extensive inventory of Canadian stamps. Serious Canada Stamp Collectors will find a complete listing of modern issues, plenty of classics, plus stamp booklets, First Day Cover (FDC), postal stationery and postal cards, in addition to Canada Stamp Albums, album supplements and collecting supplies

Stamps of European Countries

Stamps of the European Countries are central to most stamp collections. Challenges are presented for all eras, areas, topicals and thematics. Our goal at is to present an ever changing listing of stamps for all of the European Countries, beginning with affordable classics to the more current issues.

Postage Stamps of Asian Countries

The World Search: Asia Gallery of Stamps features stamps of China (PRC, ROC and Pre-WWII issues. Japan is also a favored collecting area, as are a number of British and French Colonial Era issues. Browse our ever changing inventory of Asia stamp issues for your area or topic of interest.

Collecting the Stamps and Postal History of Mexico

Our next big undertaking will be the expansion of our listing of Mexico stamps and postal history. Beginning with a nice lot of stampless covers circa 1840s we have an extensive holding of early Mexico, common and also better, so keep posted to the growth over time of this facinating area of philately.

Cancel Nations Stamp Packets: Stamps in Country or Topical Packets

Our Master List of packets with all-different stamps. Cancel Nations Stamp Packets for Collectors offer a great way to build a foundation for an exciting worldwide or topical collection. Frequently updated with new offerings, our master list of available packets are the best way to begin or expand a collection. Packets are of all-different and already off-paper and ready for your album

World Search Countries "A"

Aden, Afghanistan, Ajman, for starters. Take a look and come back often as we add new countries to the list
Bahamas on Scott Int'l Album Pages
Code: CN415435*Collections
Price: $35.00
Bahamas 1976-1981 Mint Never Hinged Bahamas collection on Scott Intl Album Pages, in mounts Scott Ca... more info
Japan TB Charity Seals
Code: CN415059*Collections
Price: $20.00
Japan TB Charity Seals group of 6 panes dating from 1952 to the stamps of 1957-58... more info
Mexico #2520 Souvenir Sheet
Code: MEX2520
Price: $5.00
Mexico #2520 Souvenir Sheet Bicentenial of Benito Juarex Garcia 1806-2006... more info
Mexico #1297a Setenant Strip
Code: MEX1297a
Price: $4.00
Mexico #1297a Artists and Scientists of Mexico... more info
Mexico #1341a Setenant Strip
Code: MEX1341a
Price: $4.00
Mexico #1341a Colonial Architecture... more info
France #1088a Setenant Strip
Code: FR1088
Price: $2.00
France #1088a Philatelic Paris 1964, set of 4 plus label... more info
Argentina #B25 Souvenir Sheet
Code: ARGENB25
Price: $2.00
Argentina #B25 Year of the Refugee Souvenir Sheet... more info
Vatican #1264-65 full pane
Code: VATICAN1264-65
Price: $13.00
Vatican #1264-65 Visit of the Pope to Poland, two sets with 7 seals... more info
Code: HUNGARY3495a
Price: $5.00
Hungary 3495a Wildife Issue, featuring birds, reptiles, butterfly and mannals... more info
Germany B90 Souvenir Sheet
Code: DEB90
Price: $12.00
Germany B90 Souvenir Sheet - Munich Games 1936... more info
Germany 804 Souvenir Sheet
Code: DE804
Price: $19.00
Germany 804 Souvenir Sheet - Beethovven Celebration. Stamps feature musicians Handel, Spohr, Jayden an... more info
Japan 381a Souvenir Sheet
Code: Japan381a
Price: $14.00
Japan 381a Souvenir Sheet - Commemoration of Constitution... more info

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