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WORLD SEARCH Stamps by Country is an important source for collectors building a world collection on a budget. Offering stamps of many countries and adding two new countries via our newsletter each month. All stamps are discounted below Scott Catalog Prices with additional savings available as listed each month in our World Search Stamps by Country Newsletter.

Collect the Stamps of Great Britain

Great Britain Stamps.....where it all began. The tradition of Great Britain Philately is well represented in our extensive inventory of issues from the Penny Black to current issues, plus the difficult to find booklets, Presentation Booklet, Postal History and First Day Covers, the Machins, and issues of the Channel Islands. We also offer a complete inventory of Albums and Supplements ans supplies.

Canada Stamps, Postal Stationery and Postal History

Browse our extensive inventory of Canadian stamps. Serious Canada Stamp Collectors will find a complete listing of modern issues, plenty of classics, plus stamp booklets, First Day Cover (FDC), postal stationery and postal cards, in addition to Canada Stamp Albums, album supplements and collecting supplies

Collecting the Stamps and Postal History of Mexico

Our next big undertaking will be the expansion of our listing of Mexico stamps and postal history. Beginning with a nice lot of stampless covers circa 1840s we have an extensive holding of early Mexico, common and also better, so keep posted to the growth over time of this facinating area of philately.

Cancel Nations Stamp Packets: Stamps in Country or Topical Packets

Our Master List of packets with all-different stamps. Cancel Nations Stamp Packets for Collectors offer a great way to build a foundation for an exciting worldwide or topical collection. Frequently updated with new offerings, our master list of available packets are the best way to begin or expand a collection. Packets are of all-different and already off-paper and ready for your album

Stamps of The Republic of Ireland

Postage Stamps of Ireland had their beginnings in 1922 with the establishment of the Irish Free State. A nobel and pround people, the irish have maintained their national identy and this is well reflected in the stamps issued by the Republic of Ireland. The inventory listed by is primarily Mint Never Hinged as the stamps are modern issues and are generally collected as such. Enjoy a browse of our always changing stock.

Postage Stamps of Asian Countries

The World Search: Asia Gallery of Stamps features stamps of China (PRC, ROC and Pre-WWII issues. Japan is also a favored collecting area, as are a number of British and French Colonial Era issues. Browse our ever changing inventory of Asia stamp issues for your area or topic of interest.

Lighthouse Theme Stamps of the World

ture lighthouses on stamps of the worldBeacons to naveither seas and oceans, or lakes and navigatable rivers. hold the opportunity to fearigation and international stamp collecting, as every nation with navigatable waters,
Liberia 2000 U.S. Presidents Set
Code: CN415878
Price: $50.00
Liberia Issue of 2000 U.S. President from George Washinton to Al Gore and George W. Bush During a peri... more info
Kosovo #96 Independence Souvenir Sheet
Code: Kosovo96*SS
Price: $6.00
Kosovo #96 Mint Never Hinged Souvenir Sheet Issued in recognition of the disputed Declaration of Indep... more info
1935 Silver Jubilee King George V - Complete MNH
Price: $900.00
1935 Silver Jubilee King George V - Complete Collection of 249 MNH Stamps! The first of the British Om... more info
Bahamas British Collection - Mint
Code: CN114*Collection
Price: $90.00
Bahamas British Classics Collection, used SCV=$350.0including #16, #18, #37, #38, #52-53, and more. Al... more info
Dahomey on Minkus pages
Code: CN415805*Collections
Price: $15.00
Dahomey on Minkus pages a nice group of issues, mint and used, sets and singles Scott Catalog Value = ... more info
Cornation Issue 1953/University Issue 1951
Code: CN415205*Collections
Price: $30.00
Cornation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II issues of 1953 The complete set from Aden to Virgin Islands (62 s... more info
Saudi Arabia Hejaz on album pages
Code: CN415627*Collections
Price: $180.00
Saudi Arabia Hejaz 82 stamps, Mint and used, sets and singles Hejaz was a province of Ottoman Arabia.... more info
St.Vincent on H.E Harris/Whitman pages
Code: CN415613*Collections
Price: $45.00
Grenadines, Union Is,Bequia, Mint and used, sets and singles This is an assemblage of pages from vari... more info
Hong Kong on Speedrille Pages
Code: CN415754*Collections
Price: $90.00
Collection-Hong Kong Beginning with the Victoria Issues of 1863 through the Peace Issue of 1946, plus ... more info
Barbados on Scott Int'l Album Pages
Code: CN415468*Collections
Price: $40.00
Barbados 1976-81 Mint Never Hinged Barbados collection on Scott Intl Album Pages, in mounts, includin... more info
Djibouti on Scott Int'l Album Pages
Code: CN415467*Collections
Price: $75.00
Djbouti 1978-81 Mint Never Hinged Djbouti collection on Scott Intl Album Pages, in mounts Scott Catal... more info
Grenada on Scott Int'l Album Pages
Code: CN415448*Collections
Price: $19.00
Grenada 1975-76 Mint Never Hinged Grenada collection on Scott Intl Album Pages, in mounts Scott Cata... more info

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