Lighthouse Stamp Albums and Supplements

Stamp collectors have long preferred pre-printed (illustrated) country albums for enjoyment of the stamp collecting hobby. Lighthouse album pages are printed in black and white, to allow you to identify at first glance, which stamps are still missing. All LIGHTHOUSE printing is done on safe extra heavy paper stock, acid free (ph-neutral) and free of harmful wood fibres. Each stamp illustration is accompanied by a pre-positioned SF-mount in the exact size of the stamp. The SF mounts are manufactured of clear, safe polystyrene film with a clamp-type seal at the bottom of the pocket to securely hold your stamps in place.

Lighthouse Annual Stamp Album Supplements

We stock the supplements for United States, Canada, and the three offices of the United Nations. With SF mounts (100% polystyrene). Compatible with LIGHTHOUSE 13-ring, turn-bar and springback binders. Binders and slipcovers are sold separate as your collection grows over time.

United States 'Hingeless' Stamp Album from Lighthouse

This complete album package includes USA Volumes I - IV for 1847-2009 and updating supplement, containing spaces for regular issues, commemorative and air mails , housed in 4 beautiful red 2-Post Turn-Bar Binders embossed United States in gold on the binder spine.

Canada and Provinces Stamp Album - pre-mounted

Lighthouse Canada (including Provinces): This quality album provides spaces for all major catalog numbers with exact stamp illustrations or descriptions. The following issues, grouped separately, wherever possible are fully covered: Regular, Commemorative, Air Mail, and including the Provinces (British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland).

Lighthouse Stockbooks with padded covers

Lighthouse (Leuchtturm) of Germany offers an exceptional quality stockbook featuring a bookbinder's cover in padded leather with a slip box of matching appearance in man-made covering. The stockbook has double linen-hinged black pages, 9 clear acrylic strips per page, and heavy-gauge clear acrylic double-interleaving. Stockbooks are available with Black, Blue and Burgundy cover, with 32-pages and 64-pages. Size 9" x 12"

Lighthouse Blank Album Pages for Stamp Collecting

Blank Pages for your Lighthouse Album: Lighthouse Blank Album Pages pages are ideal for building or customizing your collection. Add those items that give personalization to your collection, such as special covers and postal history, multiplies in strips or blocks, certificates for your expertised classics, or topical collections and smaller countries for which pre-printed albums are not provided.

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