Lighthouse Currency Albums & Banknote Sleeves

Lighthouse Currency Albums and Banknote Sleeves offer the assurance of archival protection for your valuable banknote collection. Select from a wide range of currency albums, including the Certified Banknote Album, the very economical Vario Currency Album, or the archival sleeves and storage box.

Currency Sleeves and Banknote Pages from Lighthouse

Lighthouse of Germany produces an archival qualtiy crystal clear, semi-rigid currency sleeve perfect for protecting and displaying your currency collection. The crystal clear durable hard PVC plastic envelopes offer both-side visibility with protection for your paper money and bank notes. Electronically sealed edges allow easy handling and stacking. These sleeves are closed on three sides with an opening at the top (long side.

Grande Currency Albums for Graded Banknotes

GRANDE Classic Graded Currency Album from Lighhouse Publications of Germany offers the perfect solution for archival storage and display of your Graded Currency Collection. With the Lighthouse Graded Banknote Album you House your collection in an elegant leatherette binder with matching slipcase for added protection of your banknote collection. The archival quality banknote album pages are crystal clear for display and storage of your banknotes.

Lighthouse Currency Albums for Banknotes

The Optima and Vario Stocksheet system from Lighthouse of Germany is our most popular currency collecting solution for banknote collectors with a diverse assortment of banknotes. An exceptional banknote storage and display solution, the Lighthouse Vario Banknote Album features clear archival quality pages with one, two, three and four pocket options to meet your banknote collection requirements.
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