Lighthouse Coin Albums and Collecting Supplies

Lighthouse has demonstrated a commitment to coin collecting with the most complete line of albums and collecting systems available today. From card stock 2x2s (both staple type and self-adhesive) and the Quadrum archival 2x2 coin capsules, to round coin capsules and 'slab' type coin holders, with coin boxes and cases for the archival storage and display of your coin collection.
Lighthouse Coin Albums and Collections Supplies

Lighthouse Brand Coin Albums for a Multitude of Collecting Formats

Lighthouse coin albums and pages offer several options for the proper storage and display of your coin collection. With the versatile Optima M page with slide out pockets for individual stamps or the coin album pages specific for traditional 2x2s, coins in slabs, or an album for popular U.S. Coin series, Lighthouse coin albums provide an economical solution for attractive archival display of your coin collection.

Lighthouse TABLO Presentation Cases for Coins

Lighthouse of Germany offers an affordable and versatile storage option for your collection. Choose from coin presentation trays for slabs, 2x2's and Quadrum Square Capsules or 24 and 48 space trays for your coins. Lighthouse Coin Jewel box accommodates up to 10 coin trays and features a dark blue case with decorative engraving on the lid and a secure double snap-button closure for an elegant and yet simple coin collection storage solution.

Lighthouse 2x2 Cardboard Coin Holders - Self Sealing

Lighthouse 2 x 2 Self-Adhesive Coin Holders are available for US and Foreign Coins. Archival safe, with no PVC or harmful additives. The coin holder's non-migrating adhesive gives an air tight seal to protect your coins from the humidity and the environment. No stapling required! Fast easy coin insertion. Coins maintains their luster and grade. Air tight seal prevents oxidation and corrosion. Archival and completely inert.

Lighthouse 'Direct Fit' Coin Capsules

LIGHTHOUSE "direct fit" coin capsules provide a size for every coin. Extra durable, crystal clear and scratch resistant, Lighthouse Coin capsules are our most popular collecting system. Lighthouse Coin Capsules can be stored in smoke-colored drawers with crimson inserts molded to fit the size capsule stored.

Quadrum Square Coin Capsules 2x2 from Lighthouse

QUADRUM - all your coins in one system, The identical outer dimensions of the square 2"x2" capsules allow you to collect coins with different diameters in one single collection system. The square coin capsules are made of durable, crystal-clear, scratch-resistant plastic. Both capsules and black inserts are chemically inert and free of PVC, acids or softeners.

Lighthouse QuickSlab Coin Holders - SLABS

QUICKSLABs Open and close at any time and integrate perfectly into your current collection system for regular certified coin holders (slabs). Rectangular coin capsules with precise fit black EVA foam inserts, available in mm increments for coins from 14 to 41 mm in diameter. Capsules and inserts are chemically inert and free from PVC, acids, or chemical softeners

Coin Cleaning Solutions for Safe Coin Restoration

Lighthouse Coin Cleaning Solutions are available for gold, silver and copper coins, jewelry, medals and other collectibles. Removing the tarnish, fingerprints and grim from circulated coins adds to their appearance and enjoyment in a collection. Our Lighthouse Coin Care solutions have been developed for specific metals to clean and restore the luster to your coin collection. Restore the luster and display your coin collection with pride.

Lighthouse Coin Display Boxes & Aluminum Cases

Lighthouse Coin Capsule Boxes are the ideal solution for organizing your coin collection in Lighthouse 'Tight Fit' coin capsules. Lighthouse Coin Boxes offer an elegant storage option that is simply the best way to safely collect and display your coins. Lighthouse coin boxes are stackable as a unit or can be stored in lockable coins box cases, also available from Offering a flexible collecting system to satisfy all your needs.

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