United Nations Stamps & Albums

United Nations New York Stamps

Stamps for use at United Nations world headquarters in New York City are denominated in U.S. dollars and cents. The postage rates correspond with United States rates, so a letter mailed to a U.S. destination from U.N. headquarters in New York cost 29-cents in 1993 and costs 33-cents in 2000. These stamps are all inscribed with the name, "United Nations."

United Nations Geneva Stamps

Stamps for use at the U.N. European office (also known as Palais des Nations) in Geneva, Switzerland, are denominated in Swiss francs and centimes, and are inscribed with the name of the organization in French: "Nations Unies." The first United Nations - Geneva stamps were issued in 1969 and have included the popular Human Rights issues and also the Endangered Species annual issue.

United Nations Vienna Stamps

Stamps for use at the U.N. Donaupark Vienna International Center or the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria. These issues are denominated in Austrian schillings and groschen, and are inscribed in German "Vereinte Nationen." The issuing of United Nations - Vienna stamps began in 1979 and have included many favorite topical stamps, including the Presentation Booklets of the World Heritage Site series.

United Nations Authority and Administration Stamps

Working for Peace, the United Nations has issued stamps during the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority in West New Guinea (UNTEA), the United Nations Security Force in East Timor and the work in Cyprus. The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo or UNMIK issued stamps during its work for peace in this war torn area.

U.N. Postal Stationery

No collection of United Nations stamps is complete without including the postal stationery and postal cards issued by the United Nations Postal Authorities. These important pieces are often colorful, interesting and fun to collect. Inexpensive, they add an additional element to your collection.

U.N. Prestige 'Souvenir' Booklets

Beginning in 1995 The United Nations Postal Authority initiated production of Souvenir Booklets, known as the Prestige Booklets Series, depicting the culture and heritage of member nations. We offer the complete unexploded books which can be easily disassembled for the panes as called for by many albums, or left in-tact with the interesting pages of text that fill the booklets. Quit possibly the United Nations best philatelic work!

U.N. Souvenir Cards

Each year between 1972 and 2010 the United Nations Postal Authority has issued Souvenir Cards depicting United Nations Stamps around a central theme being promoted by the United Nations. Examples would the the Year of the Child, or the International Youth Year. Important issues ar also featured, such as the fight against AIDS, Safety at Sea, Combating Racism. And then there are a few to promote the hobby of stamp collecting.

United Nations Souvenir Folders and Year Sets

Each year the United Nations Postal Authority issues Souvenir Folders presenting the stamps for the year from New York, Geneva and Vienna. Collecting these folders is a wonderful way to obtain the stamps and also the story behind the stamps in attractive 'book' format. In addition to the annual sets of stamps in folder format, the United Nations has issued Souvenir Folders for the Flag Series and Human Rights Issues

U.N. Member Nations Flags Issue

Since 1980, the U.N. Postal Administration has honored each member country with a stamp depicting that nation's flag. The UNPA issued 16 flag stamps a year until 1989. The series was halted temporarily when all members had been commemorated on a stamp. The UNPA resumed the series in 1997. The complete issue to date now includes 184 issues.

U.N. Human Rights Stamp Series

The 40th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights was the inspiration for a series of UN stamps. Each stamp included one of 3 labels with the text of an article of the Declaration of Human Rights in English, French and German.In additon to being the most significant issue of the United Nations Postal Authority, the set is one of the center pieces of any art topical collection, as each stamp depicts a work of art from the classics to modern.

U.N. Endangered Species Issues

The United Nations Endangered Species Stamp Series publicizes the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which was signed in 1973. Since 1993, each year 12 subjects are presented in sheets of 16 and collected as setenant block of 4 issued by the UN New York, UN Geneva, and UN Vienna.

UN Coin and Flag series

Collect the full set of 24 panes, a total of 192 stamps. The U.N. Flag and Coin Series began in 2006 with panes of 8 stamps each for New York, Geneva and Vienna. The series is expected to run for approximately eight years until stamps representing all 192 Member States are issued. This series is, of course, a large event for topical collectors of coins and flag topicals.

United Nations Stamp Albums and Stockbooks

United Nations Stamp Albums are available at iHobb.com to fit every budget. Begin your collection of United Nations Stamps with an album that fits your budget, from 'hingeless' to traditional. Lighthouse of Germany offers a comprehensive multi-part 'hingeless' album as does DAVO. Scott offers a United Nations Album in their 'National Series' which has been the standard for U.S. Collectors for generations