Scott International Stamp Albums and Supplements

Stamp collectors building a worldwide collection have no better choice than the Scott International Stamp Album. Begin with the Golden Era of Philately, from the first stamp of Great Britain in 1840 through the outbreak of World War II in 1940. It is surprising how many of the stamps of this classic period are affordable and collectible. Continue along the route of history to the current issues up to the current period with this ultimate worldwide stamp album in now 48 parts to fill lifetimes of stamp collecting as albums are passed from generation to generations.
Scott International China-PRC 1949-72
Code: 800PC72
Price: $39.99
Scott International 4A 1956-59 Pt1
Code: 804P159
Price: $119.99
Scott International 4B 1956-59 Pt2
Code: 804P259
Price: $119.99