Scott U.S. Booklet Panes Album

The Scott National Series Album for United States Booklet Panes begins with Scott #279Bj, issued in 1900. Illustrated spaces are provided for booklets panes, including slogan types and tagging varieties, current to the newest issues. The airmail booklets first introduced in 1928 (#C10a) are also included.

Page Size: 10x11.5", manila tone 80# card stock.
Pages are punched to fit in both the traditional 2-post binder and the 3-ring binders

Scott National Series Booklet Panes Album
Scott 3-Ring Binder with metal hinges-Large
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Scott 3-Ring Slipcase-lg
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Scott 2-Post Binder & Slipcase-Large-Complete w/Flysheets
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Scott U.S. Booklet Panes Label
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