Patriotic and Military Covers

Military postal history includes covers mailed to and from areas of conflict, often bearing cancellations of the military service (APO, etc), censor markings for censored mail, and ship cancellations from areas of conflict. Ship cancels in tie of peace is another vibrant collecting area. Military postal history includes both private mail from and to individual service personnel and Official mail.


Midway Island Hand Painted Cover
Code: A5892*Cover
Price: $75.00
Back the Attack Cachet
Code: A6319*Covers
Price: $20.00
U.S. Soldiers Christmas Mail Home
Code: A5628*Covers
Price: $15.00
Soldiers Mail 1918 Camp Meade, MD
Code: A6322*Covers
Price: $10.00
Shelter Tent Inspection post card Soldiers Mail postmarked November 19, 1918 from Meade Branch, Balti... more info
Soldiers Mail - Censored Cover 1943
Code: A1569*Cover
Price: $15.00
Soldiers Mail - Censored Cover Post Card is a Native Camp, suggesting the cover may have originated in... more info
Soldiers Mail 1945 Naval Cover
Code: A1570*Cover
Price: $7.50
Sailors Mail - Engineering Officer, U.S.S. Saugus (LSV-4 Cover is dated November 9, 1945. There is n... more info
V Mail Free Franked Cover. Miami Fla. 1945
Code: A7061*Cover
Price: $3.00
V Mail Free Franked Cover. Miami Fla. 1945 Posted stateside to Seattle, so not the microfiche variety ... more info
Soldiers Mail, A.E.F. on Tours France Postcard
Code: A7481*Cover
Price: $15.00
A soldiers postcard home to his mother Bearing the PASSED AS CENSORED * A.E.F. and dated 7-3-18. The ... more info
V Mail Cover 11 Oct 1944
Code: A63202*Covers
Price: $3.00
War Department Official Business V-Mail Penalty Mail Cover (Penalty for Private use to avoid payment o... more info
Weigand Cachet - Where is the Fleet
Code: A1005*Covers
Price: $15.00
Weigand Cachet - Salute to Our Boys
Code: A1006*Covers
Price: $20.00
Remember Wake Island - Weigand Cachet
Code: A1001*Covers
Price: $15.00

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