Showgard Assortment Bargain Packs

Showgard Mount Sets offer useful groupings of mounts in a convenient, organized fashion. Many collectors purchase an assortment package to begin mounting their collections, and restock the individual mounts as the assortment package supplies are exhausted. These packages also make an excellent gift for collectors just starting out.

Modern U.S. Issues today include sets with a variety of sized stamp in souvenir sheets and small panes, each requiring a different mount size. To avoid the need to purchase several different mounts in multi-mount packages, Showgard has arranged mount sets with just the mounts needed for the set or special issue.

The disruption in the production of Showgard Mounts due to ownership changes and relocation of the production facilities from Lichtenstein to Germany is continuing to effect the variety packs, with most being out of stock at present.

Those mounts shown as in stock are available for shipping now. For those indicated as Out of Stock, our apology for the delays. Thank you for your patience.


Showgard U.S. Pacific 97 Issues
Code: SGRPAC97
Price: $4.99
Showgard Group Pac97 - for Pacific 97 Issues Package of 7 Mounts Mount Packet Includes ... more info
Showgard MasterPack 215mm Strip Set Black Mounts
Price: $6.99
Showgard MasterPack 215mm Strip Set, 215x22mm to 215x41mm, Black Background Package of 12 Mounts... more info
Showgard MasterPack II 264mm Strips Set Black Mounts
Code: SGMPK2_B
Price: $29.99
Showgard MasterPack II 264mm Strips Set Black Background An assortment of Showgard mounting strips for h... more info
Showgard Group AB Clear Mounts
Code: SGAB-3_C
Price: $7.99
Showgard Mounts Set of 3 mounts to accomodate the World Stamp Expo Souvenir Sheets - Clear... more info
Showgard Mounts for  1998 Trans-Mississippi re-issues - Clear
Code: SGTM_C
Price: $4.60
Showgard Trans-Mississippi Pack, Clear Background Package of 11 Mounts 2 mounts for souvenir sheets - 18... more info

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