Lindner Stamp Remover

Lindner Stamp Remover
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    Lindner Stamp Remover....
    ....removes stamps without water! Gum and existing numbers on the back of coil stamps will be retained if the product is applied from the back of the paper. Used properly, the stamp remover is absolutely safe. (4 FL. OZ - 125ml) Contains non-ionic tensides.

    Instructions for Use: Apply the remover well with the help of a brush onto the stamp itself, or onto the reverse of the carrying paper (i.e.: on letters, postcards). After letting it soak for about 1-2 minutes, carefully peel off the stamps with a pair of tweezers. In persistent cases, repeat the process several times or apply on both sides of the stamp and paper. When removed over the carrying paper (reverse side), the gumming and possible sequence number on roll stamps stay preserved. To dry the stamps, lay them face-down after they have been pressed.

    When used appropriately the stamp remover is not harmful.

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