Vintage Postcard Collecting

Vintage Post Cards, or Postcards, were the text messages of their day. And a wonderful window into that day. For a penny one could communicate with friends and family, extending Birthday and Holiday Greetings, travels and more. Sometimes the messages are from soldiers in conflict letting family know all is well. Collectors enjoy finding postcards of topics, such as ships or trains, holiday greetings, or other topicals that interest the collector.

Viaje en la Tierra del Manaja

Vintage Era Postcards from Mexico. Enjoy a viewing of these early scenes of Mexico, from as early as 1911 per the postal cancellations on a few of the cards. Most are mint never posted and all are a grand tour of the land of manaja.
A Merry Christmas Vintage Postcard
Code: A7618*Covers
Price: $5.00
A Merry Christmas Good Condition Martinsburg Flag Cancel, Dec 19 1910... more info
A Merry Christmas Vintage Postcard
Code: A7619*Covers
Price: $1.00
A Merry Christmas Fair Condition American Art Works, West Haven CT... more info
Merry Christmas Vintage Postcard
Code: A7620*Covers
Price: $5.00
Merry Christmas Good Condition Rio, W. Va. Dec. 21 1909... more info
U.S. #443 On Cover
Code: A5543*Covers
Price: $10.00
Cass Lake, Poniac, Mich. Vintage Postcard... more info
China Postcard
Code: A7735*Covers
Price: $75.00
China 1920s decoupaged image made from postage stamps cut to make this image. Includes stamps of Netherl... more info

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