Postal Cards from the U.S.P.S.

U.S. Postal Card collecting offers a rewarding challenge for postcard collectors. The first U.S. postal card issued in 1873 and our stock now extends from the regular issues to commemorative bookles, air mail and official mail postal cards, computer vended postage 'postal buddy' cards, postal reply cards, and occassional treasures from Hawaii and the possessions. All cards in our stock are complete 'entires', while the image may only feature the indicia.
Our 'used' cards are all cancelled, sound cards, used current to the time of issue, and none have additional postage added.
U.S. #UX281-376 Mint Warner Bros Set
Price: $5.00
U.S. #UX281/376 Mint Warner Brothers Comics Series, complete set of 5 cards illustration of the Bugs ... more info
U.S. #UX648 Mallard Duck
Code: USUX648
Price: $1.65
U.S. #UX648 Mallard Drake Postal Card... more info
U.S. #UX645 Mint Tree Postal Card
Code: USUX645
Price: $1.00
U.S. #UX645Mint Tree Postal Card... more info
U.S. #UX644 Mint Deer Postal Card
Code: USUX644
Price: $0.90
U.S. #UX644 Mint Deer Postal Card... more info
U.S. #UX628-32 Disney-Pixar Mail a Smile Booklet of 20
Code: USUX632aBooklet
Price: $32.00
U.S. #UX632a Booklet Disney - Pixar Films Mail a Smile Booklet of 20 Postal Cards, featuring five Di... more info
U.S. #UX628-32 Mint Disney-Pixar Mail a Smile
Code: USUX628-32
Price: $7.50
U.S. #UX628-32 Mint Disney - Pixar Films Mail a Smile Set of 5 Postal Cards... more info
U.S. #UX627 Sail Boat Postal Card (Forever)
Code: USUX627
Price: $1.10
U.S. #UX627 Mint Sail Boat Postal Card (Forever) This postal card with microperforation on two sides i... more info
U.S. #UX622-26 Disney Pixar Postal Cards
Code: USUX622-26
Price: $7.50
U.S. #UX622-26 Send a Hello! Characters from Disney-Pixar Films Set of 5 picture postal cards MNH... more info
U.S. #UX621 Mint Common Terns
Code: USUX621
Price: $0.70
U.S. #UX621 Mint Common Terns Postal Card... more info
U.S. #UX612a-20a Hawaiian Rain Forest
Code: USUX611-20
Price: $19.00
U.S. #UX612a-20a Nature in America - Hawaiian Rain Forest Mint Set of 10 Postal Cards on 5 duplex sheet... more info
U.S. #UX610a Scenic America Booklet
Code: USUX610aBooklet
Price: $30.00
U.S. #UX610a - Scenic American Landscapes Booklet of 20 postal cards (2 each #UX601-10)... more info
U.S. #UX601-610 Mint American Landscapes
Code: USUX601-10
Price: $15.00
U.S. #UX601-610 Mint Scenic American Landscapes - Set of 10 postal cards illustration of an indicia wi... more info

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