Tools and Magnifiers Used by Currency Collectors

Banknote Magnifiers allow collectors to enjoy the intricate details of currency engraving and detect flaws and counterfeits

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One of the most essential tools for collectors is a quality magnifier. They are the primary tool for examining condition and authenticity of collectibles. For general stamp and coin collecting, a magnification level of 5x to 10x is suitable for basic purposes of grading, inspecting watermarks, and distinguishing printing methods. For inspecting security feature microprinting as used often on stamps, you will want 10x or more magnification. A measuring scale included in your magnifier may be desired at times for error and counterfeit and forgery detection.

SAFE Portable UV Lamp Longwave
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Lighthouse Reading Glass 5 - 174209
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Lighthouse Reading Glass 6 - 174216
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Lighthouse Reading Glass 5 LED - 249488
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Lighthouse Stainless Steel 2X Magnifier with LED illumination Top grade acrylic lens and ergonomically... more info
Lighthouse Pocket Folding Magnifier - 309153
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Pocket Folding Magnifier, 5x magnification High-quality, aspherical acrylic lens, lens diameter 32 mm,... more info
Lighthouse Coin Gloves 359642
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Friedberg Paper Money of the U.S.
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Lighthouse Copper Cleaning Bath - 321584 - 321584
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