Showgard Stamp Mounts Master List

Discriminating stamp collectors require their investment be kept safe from damage due to dust, dirt, humidity and the wear and tear of time. Showgard mounts feature the foil proven safe for philatelic use for over 50 years in every climate of the world. Use Showgard mounts with confidence. They are the choice of experienced collectors and a symbol of trustworthiness throughout the world.

  • Showgard Mounts are available in Pre-Cut sizes for convenient mounting of the popular sized stamps.
  • Greater economy and flexibility can be obtained by using strips, which come in three different lengths: 215mm, 240mm, and 264mm.
  • There are also special packets of mounts to meet the mounting requirements of U.S. Souvenir Sheet Sets.
  • A Philatelic Guillotine will provide a clean and straight cut of strips to exact the fit for your stamps.
  • The strip you should use is based on the height of the stamp you wish to mount, measured in millimeters (mm).

For more information on how to use the Showgard Mounts we provide a helpful Showgard Tutorial as a quick reference.

There has been a disruption in the production of Showgard Mounts due to ownership changes and reloction of the production facilities, coupled with new packaging standards by the European Union Standards Board. Hawid, the company that has produced Showgard Mounts for many years, recently closed and has been acquired by Leuchtturm Albums in Germany. The transfer and consolidation of production facilities will prove very beneficial to Showgard users into the future. But it has produced a disruption for the time being.

Those mounts shown as in stock are available for shipping now. For those indicated as Out of Stock, our apology for the delays. Thank you for your patience.


Showgard 265x231mm
Code: SG265_231
Price: $12.50
Showgard 265x231mm For U.S. Full Sheets & Souvenir Cards Package of 5 Mounts... more info
Showgard Group AB - U.S. Souvenir Sheets to 1975
Code: SGAB-4
Price: $6.50
Showgard Group AB - Mounts for U.S. Souvenir Sheets thru 1975 (No White Plains) Package of 11 Mounts... more info
Showgard Group 94 Souvenir Sheets of 1994
Code: SGRP94
Price: $6.80
Showgard Group 94 Souvenir Sheets of 1994 Package of 5 Mounts 1994 Souvenir sheets... more info
Showgard GrpPac97 - Pacific 97 Issues
Code: SGRPAC97
Price: $3.50
Showgard Group Pac97 - for Pacific 97 Issues Package of 7 Mounts Mount Packet Includes ... more info
Showgard SS Space - Space Exploration Sheets 2000
Price: $3.50
Showgard U.S. Space Exploration Souvenir Sheets 2000 Package of 5 Mounts... more info
Showgard GrpTransMiss - 1998 Trans-Mississippi re-isues
Code: SGTM
Price: $3.50
Showgard Trans-Mississippi Mounts for 1998 Trans-Mississippi Stamps Centennial re-isues Mount Packet In... more info
Showgard GrpWSE - World Stamp Expo Souvenir Sheet
Price: $2.75
Showgard World Stamp Expo Souvenir Sheet Mounts Mount Packet Includes... more info
Showgard DC2006 - Washington 2006 Issues
Code: SGDC2006
Price: $3.00
Showgard Washington 2006 Issues - Includes 1 mount each for the Wonder of America sheet, the Washington... more info
Showgard NY2016 - World Stamp Show Folio
Code: SGNY2016
Price: $5.00
Showgard 2016 World Stamp Show Folio, Contains 8 Black Showgard Mounts for all the US stamps issued at t... more info
Showgard Mini-Guillotine Stamp Mount Cutter
Code: SG601
Price: $26.99
Showgard Mini-Guillotine Stamp Mount Cutter... more info
Showgard Large-Guillotine Stamp Mount Cutter
Code: SG605
Price: $29.99
Showgard Large-Guillotine Stamp Mount Cutter... more info
Supersafe Mint Sheet Album Refill Pages (12)
Code: SSMP3_BK
Price: $9.99
Supersafe (by Showgard) Mint Sheet Album Pages Supersafe mint sheet pages sandwich a sheet of richly... more info

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