SAFE U.S. Commemorative 'Hingeless' Album

SAFE U.S. Commemorative 'Hingeless' Album
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    SAFE United States Commemorative Stamp Album 1893-1969
    A complete album featuring SAFE-dual, patented, printed hingeless pages for the commemorative issues from the first Columbian Series of 1893 to and through 1969. Included in the set are
  • The printed background page: made of a heavy, crisp cream cardboard (60 lb. cover weight), acid free (ph-neutral).
  • The polyester page: 100% free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents) and free of stearates. It will not affect the paper, color or gum of the stamps at any time. Does not contain plasticized PVC.
  • A Red Yokama 14-Ring Binder.

    This album is unused, but has been in our stock for a few years. A few of the pages for the more current years show a bit of yellow toning but all of the pages are archival safe and this is an exception one time offer.

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    We had but one that was featured in our Newsletter and it has sold.

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    SAFE U.S. Commemorative 'Hingeless' Album SAFE U.S. Commemorative 'Hingeless' Album