Put a STAMP On It by Herman Herst, Jr.

Put a STAMP On It by Herman Herst, Jr.
    Put A STAMP On it by Herman Herst, Jr.

    One of the most prolific writers of stories for stamp collectors, Herman Herst, Jr. passed in 1999. But his widow recently found this manuscript in a shoe box in the closet when she was preparing to sell the home. His son Kenneth Herst has arrangted for printing of the book and now we can one more time enjoy the writing of Mr. Herst

    The title of the book is “Put A Stamp On It! Seventy-Seven Sparkling Stories Showcasing How Stamps Have Intercepted Historical events”. It contains 77, standalone stories, none more than four or five pages long and each one will leave you saying “Gee…I didn’t know that”. Each story relates to stamps and their place in history. Perfect for any collector, or if one has in interest in history. This is one of many reviews on Amazon: “I was not aware of Herman Herst Jr's background at all, and was very pleasantly surprised by this gem of a book. Each story is on its own, about 3-5 pages each, and funny. It reminds me of the old O'Henry stories - could be funny, or suspenseful, and frequently with a twist at the end.

    There were a few stories that I especially liked: Sherlock Holmes, Kathmandu was hilarious though only 2 short pages, and the one, Bits of Humor, with all kinds of humorous situations. Of course, the one with the two wives of philatelists and the phrases or languages uniquely meaningful to only the husbands was hilarious.

    Book is fast reading, and hard to put down. I would highly recommend this book to anybody looking for light humorous short stories.

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    Put a STAMP On It by Herman Herst, Jr. Put a STAMP On It by Herman Herst, Jr.