Stamp Collecting Software

The software developed by SoftPro of Canada has proven over time to be the most useful of the stamp collecting software we have reviewed over the years. Rather than a download that can be lost when your computer crashes, we offer the software on disk so that you retain a copy even if you move to a new computer. Functional and easy to use software for collectors.

AlbumGen Page Design Software

AlbumGen by SoftPro enables stamp collectors to easily design stamp album pages. Import the image, data & stamp size directly from EzStamp For Windows™! (Separate purchase required) or provide your own scanned images. The all New AlbumGen is an intuitive & easy to use Stamp Album Page Layout program.

EzCoin Collecting Software

EzCoin USA database has over 5,275 coins listed with over 1,300 images supplied. Over 1,850 coins are listed in The EzCoin Canada coin database, with over 1,250 Color Images included on CD. All pertinent coin information is provided for each coin so you don't have to enter it. Packed with features not found in any other coin software.

EzGrader Stamp Grading Software

EZ Grader from SoftPro: By simply scanning in your stamp, EzGrader will eGrade your stamps; determine the mathematical centering of your scanned stamp image & assign a letter grade such as F , VF , XF and also assign a numerical designation to it such as VF 86. The numerical grade is very important as it indicates to you mathematically, the centering of the stamp!

EzStamp Collecting Software

EzStamp For Windows: is please to offer our customers the advantages of the Softpro computer software for stamp collectors
  • The latest version of EzStamp with the SCOTT numbering system.
  • True color images of each stamp for most countries, updatd annually!
  • Color guides, Slide shows, Watermark guide, Magnifier, Thumbnail viewer included!

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