Champagne Tags Album & Display Cases

Mementos from a tour of Champagne and Provonce, or a passion for collecting champagne capsules. Known as "placomusophilie", a French word that comes from "muselet" (pronounce mew-zeh-lay), the system invented by Adolphe Jacqueson in 1844. The muselet is the wire cage that secures the cork. The capsule is the metallic rounded part of the system. It protects the top of the cork and makes a wonderful item to collect. Some champagne bottles are produced with extremely sophisticated and limited edition capsules.
SAFE Compact Champagne Tag Artline Album w/3 SA7865 Pages
Code: SA7865
Price: $39.99
Artline Champagne Top Album w/3 Blue Pages Featuring a graphic champagne design on a dark green backgr... more info
SAFE Compact Champagne Tag Blue Velvet Pages
Code: SA7864
Price: $6.99
Royal Blue Compact Pages For Champagne Tops, Caps and Lids. SAFE pages have 30 molded recessed pockets c... more info
SAFE Glass Display Case For Champagne Caps
Code: SA5865CC
Price: $49.99
Wooden Display Case for Champagne Tops/Caps Handmade solid wood with smoothly sanded edges in mahogany... more info

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