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World Search Finland & Aland Islands

A new month and a new listing. For January we are featuring a a major focus on beautiful Finland and the Aland Islands.  Enjoy a review of our list and do not forget the World Search Section of our website where the stamps of many more countries are presented

DISCOUNTS: Order $100.00 from this list to receive a 10% discount; order a minimum of $250.00 to enjoy a 20% discount. Discounts are based on your order size. If some of the stamps are sold out when we fill your order, dropping your total below the discount levels, the original order discount percentage level will still be applied.

QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED: Many of the stamps listed are in short supply, so you may choose to order over your budget. If you do, please state your budget and your order will be filled from the available stamps, stopping at your budgeted limit. Orders are filled in the order received. Please allow 10 days for your order to be processed and filled. Minimum order is $10.00.

We know you will enjoy receiving our future listings. Because we value your business, if your collecting interest is more specific, please let us know, and we will craft future offerings to specifically appeal to you.

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