US Stamp Booklets & Booklet Pane

From the first booklets to the current issues, booklets and booklet panes have become an integral part of any U.S. Stamp Collection, and a specialty area of focus for many collectors. Below you will find a comprehensive listing of booklets, plus two specialty listings; unfolded booklet panes and vending booklets unexploded in their vending machine jackets.

Mint Condition Booklet Panes - Unfolded

Booklet Panes that were included in a booklet are free of the damage caused by the production of booklets, such as the staple holes or gumming. Unfolded booklet panes were produced by the Postal Service for First Day Cover producers. Production of unfolded panes reduced the production cost for the Post Office and was easier for the FDC Cachet companies to apply to their covers. We have obtained an inventory of the panes for many issues.

U.S. Vending Booklets - Unexploded

'Unexploded' Vending Booklets are booklet panes still stapled or bound into their vending booklet covers. No longer issued by the U.S. Post Office, having been replaced by the ATM panes that are the size of a U.S. Dollar Bill and can be dispensed by ATM Machines, unexploded bending booklets can be an interesting challenge to the stamp collector. Our listing includes early issues and complete from the prexies.
U.S. #2201a Stamp Collecting
Code: USSM2201a*Booklet
Price: $2.40
U.S. #2201a Stamp Collecting Booklet Pane MNH... more info
U.S. #2209a Fish Pane
Code: USSM2209a*Booklet
Price: $6.00
U.S. #2209a Fish Booklet Pane MNH Mount Size = SG44 (215x44)... more info
U.S. #2274a Special Occasions
Code: USSM2274a*Booklet
Price: $10.80
U.S. #2274a Special Occasions Booklet Pane MNH... more info
U.S. #2276a Flag & Fireworks Pane of 20
Code: USSM2276a*Booklet
Price: $10.80
U.S. #2276 Fireworks over Flag Booklet Pane of 20 MNH... more info
U.S. #2282a Earth from space
Code: USSM2282a*Booklet
Price: $7.80
U.S. #2282a Booklet Pane MNH... more info
U.S. #2283a Pheasant Pane of 10 Perf. 11
Code: USSM2283a*Booklet
Price: $7.20
U.S. #2283a Pheasant Booklet Pane MNH... more info
U.S. #2283c Pheasant Pane (red out variety)
Code: USSM2283c*Booklet
Price: $60.00
U.S. #2283c Booklet Pane MNH Pheasant with red removed from sky. Known as the Red Out variety. Exam... more info
U.S. #2285Ac Flag w/clouds Pane of 6
Code: USSM2285Ac*Booklet
Price: $3.60

Currently On Order... more info

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U.S. #2285b Grosbeak/Owl
Code: USSM2285b*Booklet
Price: $6.00
U.S. #2285b Grosbeak/Owl Booklet Pane of 10 MNH... more info
U.S. #2359a Constitution
Code: USSM2359a*Booklet
Price: $4.50
U.S. #2359a Drafting of Constitution Booklet Pane MNH... more info
U.S. #2366a Locomotives
Code: USSM2366a*Booklet
Price: $3.00
U.S. #2366a Locomotives Booklet Pane MNH... more info
U.S. #2385a Automobiles
Code: USSM2385a*Booklet
Price: $4.50
U.S. #2385a Classic Automobiles Booklet Pane MNH... more info

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