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Add value to your collection with our World Search Collections. We offer collections of all sizes and values from remainder collections on album pages. Offered by country on specialty albums pages, many from Scott International Albums, and Harris and Minkus album pages.
Sold at a fraction of Catalog Value, these collections represent a great way to build your collection with stamps that many dealers will not sell individually because they are under a set value, but you still need them for your collection. Have many hours of enjoyment identifying and preparing these stamps for your collection. (We recommend NOT relying on the identification of the prior collector as they may have missed a valuable variety.)
Antigua on Scott Int'l Album Pages
Code: CN415421*Collections
Price: $45.00
Antigua ... more info
Argentina Classics Collection
Code: CN10000024*Collection
Price: $10.00
Australia Classics Collection
Code: CN10000022*Collection
Price: $50.00
Austria Classics Collection
Code: CN10000023*Collection
Price: $10.00
Bahamas on Scott Int'l Album Pages
Code: CN415435*Collections
Price: $35.00
Bahamas ... more info
Barbados on Scott Int'l Album Pages
Code: CN415468*Collections
Price: $40.00
Barbados ... more info
Belgium Classics Collection
Code: CN10000021*Collection
Price: $35.00
Brazil Classics Collection
Code: CN10000020*Collection
Price: $30.00
British Classics Collection
Code: CN10000002*Collection
Price: $50.00
Bulgaria Classics Collection
Code: CN10000019*Collection
Price: $25.00
Canada and New Foundland Classics Collection
Code: CN10000028*Collection
Price: $30.00
Ceylon Classics Collection
Code: CN10000027*Collection
Price: $20.00

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