Stamps of The European Countries

Stamps of the European Countries are central to most stamp collections. Challenges are presented for all eras, areas, topicals and thematics. Our goal at is to present an ever changing listing of stamps for all of the European Countries, beginning with affordable classics to the more current issues.

Stamps of Finland Suomi

The first postage stamp of Finland was issued in 1856 while under rule of the Russian Empire. In fact the early issues of Findland, including the Imperial Arms of Russia issues of 1891-92. (See the Scott Catalog for how to distinguish the Finnish Issues from the Russian Issues).

The modern issues, including Semi-Postals, feature colorful art depiction of Finland customs, architecture and history, Europa Issues, and lots of sports topicals.

Stamps of Gibraltar

With its stregic position at the endtrace to the Mediterranean Sea, the British Terriroty of Gibraltar is a key member of the British Empire. The rich naval history of Gibraltar is highlighted in its stamp issues, as are many aviation, art, sports and history topicals for collectors

Stamps of Greece

Greek postage stamps first appeared in 1861 and sense have featured much of the ancient lengend of Greece. The first Greek stamps featured Hermes (Roman: Mercury), the ancient Greek messenger of the Olympian gods, a very appropriate personification for the first postage stamps of Greece. The stamps were printed from plates identical to those of the classic 1849 Ceres Head postage stamps of France

Stamps of Iceland

ISLAND, or Iceland, belies its name, as it is a land of green; more so than Greenland. The fist stamp was issued in 1873. Collectors today favor the Icelandic commemorative and pictorial stamps for their graphic beauty and are best known for three things, volcanoes, geysers, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the World. All of these subjects have frequently graced Icelandic stamps over the last century.

Stamps of The Republic of Ireland

Postage Stamps of Ireland had their beginnings in 1922 with the establishment of the Irish Free State. A nobel and pround people, the irish have maintained their national identy and this is well reflected in the stamps issued by the Republic of Ireland. The inventory listed by is primarily Mint Never Hinged as the stamps are modern issues and are generally collected as such. Enjoy a browse of our always changing stock.

Stamps of Liechtenstein

Stamp issues of the principality of Liechenstein are rich in popular topical themes, including sports, art, architecture, and Holiday Religious topicals. Enjoy a browse of our discount priced stock of Liechenstein. With an emphasis on the popular modern issues, mint never hinged,  we are sure to have some interesting items for adding to your collection.

The Stamps of Norway

Collecting stamps of NORGE from the land of the Norsemen is a rewarding excusion into history. The stamps of Norway begin with the stamp of 1855. The first commemorative stamp commemorates the 1914 Treaty of Kiel when Denmark was forced to cede control of Norway to Sweden, in exchange for the Norwegian territories of the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland. Norway became independent in 1905.

Stamps of Poland

The once prominant Kingdom of Poland was removed from the map by European Imperialism in the 18th Century. During a brief period from 1918 until German Invasion of 1939 there was Polish stamps issues. And finally at the end of WWII and the defeat of the Germans, Poland emerged as a modern nation producing many interesting stamps for collectors. To date about 4,500 different postage stamps have been issued, not including foreign occupation stamps.

Stamps of Portugal

The first Portugal stamps were issued during 1853. Sought by classics collectors is the very rare 100 Reis denomination. An early commemorative stamp favorite is the commemorative to Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460). He was responsible for the early development of Portuguese trade through the exploration of Western Africa, exploration of the islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and the search for new trade routes.

Stamps of Switzerland

Switzerland sits in the heart of Europe and offers stamp collectors a terrific country to collect. The early issues of Switzerland, from the Cantonal Administration in 1843 and the first of the Federal Administration are for the specialists with serious stamp investment budgets. But soon the stamps of Switzerland begin to offer collectors a very favorable area for collections, either as a country or as an addition to a world collection.
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