Stamps of European Countries

Stamps of The Republic of Ireland

Postage Stamps of Ireland had their beginnings in 1922 with the establishment of the Irish Free State. A nobel and pround people, the irish have maintained their national identy and this is well reflected in the stamps issued by the Republic of Ireland. The inventory listed by is primarily Mint Never Hinged as the stamps are modern issues and are generally collected as such. Enjoy a browse of our always changing stock.

Stamps of Liechtenstein

Stamp issues of the principality of Liechenstein are rich in popular topical themes, including sports, art, architecture, and Holiday Religious topicals. Enjoy a browse of our discount priced stock of Liechenstein. With an emphasis on the popular modern issues, mint never hinged,  we are sure to have some interesting items for adding to your collection.

Stamps of Switzerland

Switzerland sits in the heart of Europe and offers stamp collectors a terrific country to collect. The early issues of Switzerland, from the Cantonal Administration in 1843 and the first of the Federal Administration are for the specialists with serious stamp investment budgets. But soon the stamps of Switzerland begin to offer collectors a very favorable area for collections, either as a country or as an addition to a world collection.
France #B291a Red  Cross Booklet
Code: FranceB291a
Price: $75.00
France #B291a MNH Booklet Pane A prized item with the stamp single valued at $10.00 but as a pane with... more info

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