New Showgard Mounts for Modern U.S. Sheets and Panes

The world of stamp collecting is constantly changing as new stamps in new formats and sizes are released. To keep you up with the times, Showgard continues to release new mount sizes which are listed here, updated as needed.
There has been a disruption in the production of Showgard Mounts due to ownership changes and reloction of the production facilities, coupled with new packaging standards by the European Union Standards Board. Hawid, the company that has produced Showgard Mounts for many years, recently closed and has been acquired by Leuchtturm Albums in Germany. The transfer and consolidation of production facilities will prove very beneficial to Showgard users into the future. But it has produced a disruption for the time being.

Those mounts shown as in stock are available for shipping now. For those indicated as Out of Stock, our apology for the delays. Thank you for your patience.


Showgard89/83 Clear Background
Code: SG89_83_C
Price: $2.56
Showgard89/83 Clear Background... more info
Showgard 108x76mm - Clear
Code: SG108_76
Price: $2.50
Showgard 108x76mm for Bureau of Engraving and Printing Souvenir Sheet This mount size is only available ... more info
Showgard 146x84mm - Clear
Code: SG146_84
Price: $2.75
Showgard 146x84mm Package of Mounts This mount size is only available in CLEAR... more info
Showgard 148x196mm
Code: SG148_196
Price: $4.50
Showgard 148x196mm for Miniature Sheets, including Moon Landing 25th Anniversary, $5.00 Waves of Color ... more info
Showgard 178x181mm
Code: SG178_181
Price: $3.00
Showgard 178x181mm Bicentennial Butterfly Series, La Florida,Carmel Mission Express Mail, Celebrate Scou... more info
Showgard 203x146mm
Code: SG203_146
Price: $3.00

Out of Stock... more info

Wait List
Showgard 229x131mm
Code: SG229_131
Price: $6.80
Showgard 229x131mm for WWII Sheets and Looney Tunes Package of 5 Mounts... more info
Showgard 265x231mm
Code: SG265_231
Price: $12.50
Showgard 265x231mm For U.S. Full Sheets & Souvenir Cards Package of 5 Mounts... more info
Showgard 280x228mm
Code: SG280_228
Price: $11.00
Showgard 280x228mm For Greetings From America Sheets Package of 5 Mounts 280x228mm Clear are currently ... more info

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