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China Stamp Album from Scott - China, PRC and Taiwan

Scott Publishing offers three albums for China: Scott Specialty Album for China 1878-1949, in two parts to include Includes Formosa, Japanese occupation overprints, 1945-1950 issues of Taiwan, the 1911 Offices in Tibet and Shanghai and the 13 provinces: Northeastern, Fukien, Hunan, Hupeh, Kansu, Kiangsi, Kwangsi, Shensi, Szechwan, Tsingtau, Yunnan, Manchuria and Sinkiang. The Complete Peoples Republic of China Specialty Album 1945 to current The Republic of China (Taiwan/Formosa) 1949 to current.

Scott - Japan Album

The Scott Specialty Album for Japan begins with the Imperial Post issues of 1871. This complete illustrated album lists all Japan Stamps recognized in the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog, from the first issues to the current, including the popular prefecture issues. This Scott Specialty Album includes Japan 1971 through 2018 (720 Pages)
Scott Ceylon-Sri Lanka Album 1857-2018 with two 3-Ring Binder Sets
Code: 622SET
Price: $339.99
Scott Specialized Album - Sri Lanka covering 1857 through 2018 with 2 3-Ring Binder Sets (including sl... more info
Scott Korea Album to 2018 with 2 3-Ring Binder Sets
Code: 515SET
Price: $329.99
Scott Specialized Album - Korea covering 1884-2015 in 319 Scott Specialty Series album pages. Also inc... more info
Scott Malaysia Album to 1867-2018 with 2 3-Ring Binder Sets
Code: 620SET
Price: $379.99
Scott Specialized Album - Malaysia 1867-2018 with 2 3-Ring Binder Sets (complete with slipcases, flysh... more info
Scott Nepal Album to 2018 with a 3-Ring Binder Set
Code: 621SET
Price: $169.99
Scott Specialized Album - Nepal covering 1881-2018 in 111 Scott Specialty Series album pages. The set ... more info

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