Scott Albums of the Western Hemisphere Countries

The philatelic history of the Americas is a rich tradition of cultures ranging from the North of Canada, the United States, Mexico and south to the rich allure of Latin America. We include the Caribbean Countries and European Colonies in our listing of The Americas.

Scott Specialized Album for Canada

The Scott Canada Album is a complete presentation of the issues of Canada, beginning with the issue of 1851, and including spaces for Canada, British Colombia and Vancouver Island 1860-1869, New Brunswick 1851-1869, Newfoundland 1857-1947, Prince Edward Island 1861-1872, and Nova Scotia 1851-1863.
Scott Belize Album to 2016 with a 3-Ring Binder Set
Code: 261BZSET
Price: $135.99
Scott Belize Album to 2016 w/binder set... more info
Scott British North & West Caribbean 1848-1979 with a 3-Ring Binder Set
Code: 261NWCSET
Price: $159.99
Collect the British Era in the Carribean Scott Publishing offers a comprehensive album for the British... more info
Scott National Album Package to 2018
Price: $499.95
The Scott National Stamp Album Take your stamp collecting experience to a new level of satisfaction... more info
Scott Mexico Album thru 2017 with 2 3-Ring Binder Sets
Code: 430SET
Price: $359.99
Scott Specialty Album - Mexico thru 2017 Package Components: SCOTT MEXICO 1856-1978 , SCOTT MEXICO 197... more info

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