Scott U.S. Regular and Airmail Plate Number Blocks Album

The Scott National Series Album for Regular Issue Stamps in Plate Blocks is the 'top-of-the-line' album for collecting plate blocks, Fully illustrated (a single stamp is generally shown) and with Scott Numbers, coverage begins with 1918 and is supplemented each year to stay current. Prior to 1918, U.S. plate blocks were located in more than one position on the sheets. In addition, the trimming of the plate blocks with margin selvage was not uniform. These factors made it virtually impossible to design accurately sized boxes. Therefore no pages were produced for Regular Plate Blocks prior to Scott #551. The Regular Air Plate Blocks begin with Scott C1 and includes Airmails issued in Plate Blocks.
NOTE: Commemorative Issues, including Commemorative Airmails, are in a separate album, the Scott Commemorative Plate Blocks Album (Item #120SET) Beginning with 2020, the Plate Block Supplements include both commemorative and regular issues

Page Size: 10x11.5", manila tone 80# card stock.
Pages are punched to fit in both the traditional 2-post binder and the 3-ring binders

Scott 3-Ring Binder & Slipcase-Small-Complete w/Flysheets
Price: $66.99
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Scott 2-Post Binder & Slipcase-Large-Complete w/Flysheets
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Scott Commemorative Plate Block Album Set to 2021 w/3 binders
Code: 120SET
Price: $759.95
Scott U.S. Commemorative Plate Blocks Album Contains spaces for United States commemoratives and com... more info
Showgard 57x55mm Regular Issue Plate Blocks
Code: SG57_55
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Showgard 57x55mm Regular Issue Plate Blocks Package of 25 Mounts... more info
Showgard 105x57mm Modern Plate Blocks
Code: SG105_57
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Showgard 106x55mm Commemorative Plate Blocks
Code: SG106_55
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Showgard 106x55mm for Commemorative Plate Number Blocks, Rotary Press Package of 20 Mounts... more info
U.S. #610 Black Harding MNH PNB of 6
Price: $45.00
U.S. #610 Plate Number Block of 6 - MNH... more info
U.S. #804 1c George Washington MNH PNB of 4
Code: USPB0804
Price: $1.35
U.S. #804 1c George Washington MNH Plate Number Block of 4... more info
U.S. #832 $1 Woodrow Wilson MNH PNB of 4
Code: USPB0832
Price: $42.00
U.S. #832 $1 Woodrow Wilson MNH Top Plate Number Block of 4 (2 Nubmers)... more info

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