SAFE Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps for stamp collectors

Stamp Tagging is one of the most intriguing parts of modern philately. With a simple UV detecting device you can uncover rare varieties of otherwise common stamps, significantly increasing the value of your collection. Read a more complete article on Stamp Tagging, it's history and purpose, and how it can enhance your collecting experience and the value of your collection.
SAFE Philalux 3 Ultraviolet Lamp (110V) w/Pengteng Converter
Code: Philalux
Price: $239.99
Philalux - UV Longwave and Shortwave Lamp with Built-in Magnifiers The universal detection lamp to e... more info
SAFE Portable UV Lamp Shortwave (U453)
Code: SA1038
Price: $55.95
Portable Shortwave Lamp Shortwave Lamp (wavelength 254 nm) For checking tagging on stamps of USA, Ca... more info
SAFE Portable UV Lamp Longwave
Code: SA1045
Price: $19.99
Portable Long-wave Lamp Long-wave Lamp (wavelength 366nm). Portable and lightweight. For identifying... more info
SAFE Signoscope T1 Watermark Detector
Code: SA9886
Price: $479.95
Signoscope Optic-Electric Watermark Detector Signoscope T1 - The Proven Professional Unit - is the mo... more info
SAFE Signoscope T3 Watermark Detector
Code: SA9893
Price: $219.95

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Lighthouse Dual UV Lamp - 325178
Code: L81
Price: $59.99

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