SAFE 'Perfometer' Perforation Gauge

One of the simplest and most important factors in identifying and valuing a stamp is determining its Perf. offers a range of tools from the simple and reliable aluminum perforation gauge, to the Linn's Multi-Gauge which allows for more precise measurement of modern die cuts, to the ultimate electronic solution, the SAFE PERFotronic.
SAFE 'Perfometer' Stamp Perforation Gauge
Code: SA9820
Price: $39.99
A very handy stamp identification tool This perforation gauge for single stamps and stamps on covers... more info
Scott Linns Perforation gauge
Code: LIN01
Price: $8.99
Linns Multi-Gauge A transparent plastic gauge that measures watermarks, surcharges, perforations, gr... more info
Slotted Aluminum Perf Gauge
Code: PERF
Price: $2.95
Slotted Aluminum Perforation Gauge A sturdy perforation-gague with cutout inside gauge to allow for ... more info
Scott Specialized Multi-Gauge
Code: USSMG02
Price: $13.99
Scott U.S. Specialized Multi-Gauge The New and Improved U.S. Specialized Multi-Gauge is the essent... more info
Showgard Mount Gauge Size Guide
Code: SG609
Price: $0.00
Showgard Philatelic Gauge The Showgard Philatelic Gauge is the ideal tool for finding the proper Show... more info
Brookman Stamp  Price Guide 2020
Code: BROOKMAN2020
Price: $34.95
2020 Brookman Catalog of U.S. and Canada Stamps and Postal Stationery Publishers Cover Price = $41... more info

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