First Day Covers and Postal History Collecting

As a collector, your passion for Postal History and First Day Cover collecting can take many forms; ship covers, airmail and first flight covers, space covers, cacheted first day covers, just to name a few. What ever your collecting passion, has interesting covers for your collection and all of the collecting supplies that you need to archive your postal history collection, plus albums for First Day Covers from the worlds leading stamp album manufacturers, and all at discount prices.

Postal History of the United States

Add a bit of flavor to your U.S. Collection, or get serious about Postal History. Either way, the collection of early U.S. Mail is a rewarding experience. Browse our extensive stock of U.S. covers arranged by cancel, territory, special events, the stamp used, advertising, special usages and many more classifications.

First Day Cover Albums

First Day Cover and Postal History collectors can choose from a complete line-up of cover albums. Enjoy a look at the variety of options open to you in arranging your collections .... all are offered at discount prices. First Day Cover albums are available in single or double format. Choose from albums by Scott, Lindner, SAFE, Lighthouse, Allsyte and more, discount priced to fit every budget.

First Day Covers

Enjoy our complete listing of First Day Covers from all eras and many cahcets, beginning with the earliest through Back of the Books items. Our inventory of First Day Covers include cache covers by Grimsland, C. Stephen Anderson, Ioor, House of Farnum, Colorano 'Silks', Historic Arts, Linprint, Fluegal, Artcraft, Artmaster, Fleetwood, Maxie, and many more, all at discount prices.

Air Mail Postal History

The history of American Aviation is best told through its postal history. Carrying the mail was a major driving force in the development of commercial aviation; catapult mail, CAM and FAM First Flights, special cachets for Airport Dedications, Airshows and Races and special events. Zephelin and Macor covers are also highlights of our inventory, and the occasional rare 'Crash Covers'.

Cover Protectors for Postal History & FDC's

For the protection and safe storage of individual covers and pieces of postal history, the collector chooses from two basic approaches; Cover Protectors or Cover Sleeves. Cover Protectors are constructed of sturdy 10 mm crystal clear plastic film front and back, acid-free and also free of any harmful chemical softeners. Protective Sleeves of 2 mil polyethylene are a more economical solution for protection of more common covers.
U.S. #3910 Modern American Architecture Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU3910*FDC
Price: $7.50
U.S. #3910 Modern American Architecture, pane of 12 Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4072a Wonders of America Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4072a*FDC
Price: $21.00
U.S. #4072a Wonders of America - Pane of 40 Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4074 Champlain Souvenir Sheet Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4074*FDC
Price: $5.00
U.S. #4074 Samuel de Champlain Souvenir Sheet - Join Issue with Canada Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4084 Super Heroes - pane of 20 Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4084pane*FDC
Price: $11.00
U.S. #4084 Super Heroes; DC Comics - pane of 20 Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4123 Polar Year  Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4123*FDC
Price: $3.00
U.S. #4123 International Polar Year Souvenir Sheet Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4136a Jamestown Souvenir Sheet Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4136pane*FDC
Price: $15.00
U.S. #4136 Settlement of Jamestown, 300th Anniversary Used (FDC Cds), The full pane of 20 stamps conta... more info
U.S. #4143 Star Wars Pane Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4143*FDC
Price: $9.00
U.S. #4143 The Star Wars Saga, Pane of 15, Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4159 Super Heroes Pane #2 Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4159*FDC
Price: $12.00
U.S. #4159 Marvel Comics Super Heroes - Chapter Two, Pane of 20 stamps, Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4221 Year of the Rat Pane Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4221pane*FDC
Price: $7.00
U.S. #4221 Year of the Rat, Pane of 12 Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4333 Charles and Ray Eames, Pane of 12 Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4333*FDC
Price: $12.00
U.S. #4333 Charles and Ray Eames Pane of 12 Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4384 Civil Rights Pioneers. Pane of 6 Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4384pane*FDC
Price: $15.00
U.S. #4384 Civil Rights Pioneers, Used (FDC Cds)... more info
U.S. #4414 TV Memories Pane Used (FDC Cds)
Code: USSU4414*FDC
Price: $13.50
U.S. #4414 Early Television Memories, Pane of 20 different stamps commemorating early Television Progr... more info

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