Stamp Packets from Australia and Oceania Countries

The Islands (and Australian Continent) of Oceania are rich in history and culture, evident in the stamps and postal history of the area. Oceania is normally used to designate all the islands of the Central and the South Pacific including Australia (continent) and New Zealand In Oceania the topical collector has the richest of fields in the ships, sea life, and tropical flora. Mostly small nations and colonies, with low output of postage stamps, the stamps of Oceania can be more expensive. Still every worldwide collection needs a showing of the stamps of paradise, and there are many bargains to be found in the list below. Cancel Nations Bargain Packets are all-different assortments and come to us from several sources, the most important of which are distributors on the African Continent.
Cook Islands Packet of 140
Code: CN1024*Packets
Price: $8.00
Cook Islands Packet of 140 all-different... more info
Labuan Used  Packet of 38
Code: CN1057*Packets
Price: $2.00
Labuan Used Packet of 38 Used all-different... more info
Maldives Mint  Packet of 50
Code: CN1077*Packets
Price: $2.00
Maldives Mint Packet of 50 All-different pictorials... more info
Mali  Packet of 165
Code: CN1045*Packets
Price: $4.00
Mali Packet of 165 All different... more info
Malta  Packet of 47
Code: CN1078*Packets
Price: $2.00
Malta Packet of 47 mix of mint and used, all-different... more info
New Zealand 100
Code: NZEA100
Price: $2.95
100 New Zealand All Different... more info
Penrhyn  Packet of 100
Code: CN1091*Packets
Price: $3.00
Penrhyn Packet of 100 100 CTO all-different... more info
Philippines Stamp Souvenir.
Code: CN1148*Packet
Price: $4.00
Philippines Stamp Souvenir. Tourist package of phiippines stamps... more info
Tuvalu Sets  Packet of 12
Code: CN1108*Packets
Price: $1.00
Tuvalu Sets Packet of 12 Packet of 12 mint sets, topicals and pictorials... more info

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