Stamp Packets of Asian Nations

The continent of Asia and the India Sub-Continent offer stamp collectors the broadest range of collecting opportunities. Collectors of British Empire issues find the stamps of India and Hong Kong essential to their collection. The French have Indo-China, and the modern collector has a broad range of issues to choose from. And of course the topical collector has the richest of fields in the flora, fauna, culture and progress topicals.. Our packets are all-different assortments and come to us from several sources, the most important of which are distributors from Asian countries and the Indian Subcontinent.
Afghanistan 200
Code: AFGHAN200
Price: $19.95
200 Afghanistan, Packet All Different stamps in an economy packet... more info
Bhutan 3-D Antique Cars
Code: CN1147*Packet
Price: $2.50
Bhutan 3-D Antique Cars A set in retail display package... more info
China Packet of 52
Code: CN1021*Packets
Price: $3.00
China Packet of 52 all-different... more info
Hong Kong 1997 New Year*Bin#2D1
Code: CN415785*Packets
Price: $20.00
HONG KONG 1997 NEW YEAR ... more info
Hong Kong 25 Different
Code: CN1136*Packet
Price: $5.00
25 Different Hong Kong Tourist packet of stamps priced in Baht (Thailand currency)... more info
India used  Packet of 100
Code: CN1073*Packets
Price: $5.00
India used Packet of 100 Used all-different... more info
Indonesia 100
Code: INDO100
Price: $2.95
100 Indonesia All Different... more info
Indonesia 200
Code: INDO200
Price: $6.95
200 Indonesia All Different... more info
Indonesia 300
Code: INDO300
Price: $15.00
300 Indonesia All Different... more info
Indonesia MNH  Packet of 80
Code: CN1039*Packets
Price: $2.50
Indonesia MNH Packet of 80 Mint Never Hinged all different... more info
Japan 50
Code: CN415659*Packets
Price: $5.00
50 Japan Used, in Hobby Shop Packet... more info
Japan Packet - sets and singles*B#2D2
Code: CN915011*Packets
Price: $5.00
Japan Packet - sets and singles Includes some early issues (#68, #69, #83, #85) and a run in the #637-... more info

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