Western Hemisphere Countries Stamp Packets

The rich culture and traditions of The Americas; Latin American Countries, the Caribbean, and North America, offer the collector a diversity of countries, each with a unique history and stamps depicting their natural beauty, art and flora. Connecting the ancient lands of the Aztecs, the Maya and the Incas, ranging over two continents and the Central American span between, this is a rich area for the stamp collector. And of course the topical collector has the richest of fields in the art, religion, birds, wild animals, butterflys and flora so important to the natural beauty and abundance of these lands. Our packets are all-different assortments and come to us from several sources, the most important of which are distributors on the African Continent.
Argentina 100
Code: ARGEN100
Price: $2.25
100 Argentina All Different... more info
Argentina 300
Code: ARGEN300
Price: $10.00
300 Argentina All Different... more info
Uruguay 100
Code: URUGUAY100
Price: $3.50
100 Uruguay All Different... more info

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