Lighthouse Coin Storage and Display Systems

Coin Storage and Display for Collectors

Lighthouse MB Coin Boxes for Caps, Slabs, Rounds and Squares

Lighthouse Coin Capsule Boxes are the ideal solution for organizing your coin collection in Lighthouse 'Tight Fit' coin capsules. Lighthouse Coin Boxes offer an elegant cstorage option that is simply the best way to safely collect and display your coins. Lighthouse coin boxes are stackable as a unit or can be stored in lockable coins box cases, also available from Offering a flexible collecting system to satisfy all your needs.

Aluminum Coin Box Cases for Secure Storage of Coins

Lighthouse MB Coin Boxes are an ideal solution for the safe storage of you coin collection. Take your collection to the next level by storing your coin boxes in the lockable aluminum coin box case from Lighthouse. These versatile cases will accommodate up to 6 Lighthouse 9-slab coin boxes, or 10 of the Lighthouse Boxes for MBCaps and Quadrum 2x2s

Self-Adhesive Cardboard 2x2 Coin Holders

No more staples, Now you can store your coins in traditional card stock 2x2s that are truly sealed from outside elements and retain all of the ease of use and display that have mead card stock 2x2s the most popular means of adding coins to your collection. While simple and inexpensive, Lighthouse Coin holders (2" x 2") are constructed of archival quality, acid free cardboard and clear 'windows' Foil free of acid or chemical softeners.

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