Dansco Supreme Coin Albums

Dansco Coin Albums set the standard for quality and versatility in albums for coin collecting. All Dansco archival quality coin albums feature a handsome, distinctive simulated brown leather binder with gold stamping on the cover and spine. Dansco Supreme Coin Albums are made from a tough cloth material to insure longevity with the pages constructed from a thicker paper for added durability. Closed album measures 7.75"w x 9.25"h. Choose from more than 70 collecting series (subject to availability).

Dansco Album Components
The Binder - All Dansco coin albums feature a handsome, distinctive simulated brown leather binder with gold stamping on the cover and spine. Interesting historical notes are published on the inside covers of most albums along mintage figures for each production hear. The center column is permanently riveted to the exterior binder and holds the pages in place by way of two metal post screws/nuts, which make page replacement a simple process.

The Pages - The distinctive feature of the Dansco Coin Album are the Loose-leaf hinged pages that are plastic coated and washable. Pages have coin ports for holding coins between acetate slides that both protect and display both sides of your collection. Most pages are imprinted with identifying information including mint mark (when applicable) and mint years. To add a coin to your Dansco coin album easily push the top slide to the right edge of the page, insert your coin and slide the acetate cover back in place.

A selection of Slipcases and Blank Pages are offered here following the album listings.

Dansco - Bust Quarters 1804-1838
Code: DAN6141
Price: $36.99
Dansco Coin Album - Bust Quarters 1804-1838 This album contains 4 pages with 36 spaces (including 12... more info
Dansco - Liberty Walking Half dollar 1941-1947
Code: DAN7161
Price: $32.99
Dansco Coin Album - Liberty Walking Half Dollar 1941-1947 This album contains 2 pages with 40 spaces... more info
Dansco - Presidential Date Set
Code: DAN7186
Price: $36.99
Dansco Coin Album - Presidential Dollars Date Set This album contains 5 pages with 45 - 26.5mm space... more info
Dansco - Jefferson Nickels proofs
Code: DAN8113
Price: $34.99
Dansco Coin Album - Jefferson Nickels, includes proof only issues This album contains 6 pages with 2... more info
Dansco - Roosevelt Dimes w/proofs
Code: DAN8125
Price: $39.99
Dansco Coin Album - Roosevelt Dimes, includes proof This album has 5 pages with 210 spaces for Roose... more info
Dansco - Kennedy Half Dollars
Code: DAN7166
Price: $39.99
Dansco Coin Album - Kennedy Half Dollars This album contains 5 pages with 100 spaces for US Kennedy ... more info
Dansco - Half Cent Page
Code: DAN6381
Price: $5.99
Titled Pages for Half Cent Titled Pages list the denomination on the top, and have undated slots.... more info

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