Scott Specialty Albums and Supplements for Canada

The Scott Canada Album is a complete presentation of the issues of Canada, in a Scott Specialty Album Format. Popular with collectors for decades, the Scott Canada Album includes images and Scott Catalog Numbers on 80 pound archival (acid free) pages, beginning with the issue of 1851, and including spaces for Canada, British Colombia and Vancouver Island 1860-1869, New Brunswick 1851-1869, Newfoundland 1857-1947, Prince Edward Island 1861-1872, and Nova Scotia 1851-1863.
Scott Canada Specialty Supplement 2019
Code: 240S019
Price: $23.99

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Scott Canada Specialty Supplement 2020
Code: 240S020
Price: $23.99

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Scott Canada Specialty Supplement 2021
Code: 240S021
Price: $24.99
Scott Canada Specialty Album Supplement 2021 #73... more info
Scott Canada Specialty Supplement 2022
Code: 240S022
Price: $29.95

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Scott Canada Binder Label
Code: LB012
Price: $4.99
Scott Specialty Album Label (Green): Canada ... more info
Scott 3-Ring Binder & Slipcase-large-complete Flysheets
Price: $66.99
Scott Large 3-Ring Binder - Complete : The Large Size 3-ring binder with metal hinges for long wear.... more info

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