US Cork and Fancy Cancel Classics

The Fancy Cancels that we list on our website include cancels on cover and off, featuring some of the artistic high points of stars, cogwheels, crosses, pies, grills, concentrics and bullseyes. You will also find early, plainer cork cancels and a few pen cancels. These later examples are outside the range of what a purest would call a fancy cancel, but are of the era and we include them, priced accordingly.
U.S. #207 Negative C
Code: A5505*Covers
Price: $30.00
U.S. #207 A very well struck Negative C due to stamp placement, on a New York City Delivery Cover... more info
U.S. #65 Burlington Iowa
Code: A5503*Covers
Price: $15.00
U.S. #65 New York to Burlington Iowa with Fancy Cancel... more info
U.S. #65 Plattsburg, NY
Code: A5496*Cover
Price: $5.00
U.S. #65 Well centered #65 posted from Plattsburg, NY with concentric rings cancel... more info
U.S. #88 8-piece pie cancel
Code: A5500*Cover
Price: $50.00
U.S. #88 On cover of 1869, from Wall Street, NY to Iowa... more info
U.S. #U159 'C' Cancel
Code: A5498*Cover
Price: $10.00
U.S. #U159 A well struck C Cancel... more info
U.S. #U163 Negative 3
Code: A5506*Covers
Price: $30.00
U.S. #U163 Postal Stationery entire with a beautiful Negative 3 cancellation... more info
U.S. #UX7 Early cork cancel
Code: A5507*Covers
Price: $2.00
U.S. #UX7 Early cork cancel from Springfield VT... more info
Fancy 'D' Cancel on #U159
Code: A2569*Cover
Price: $3.00
Fancy D Cancel on #U159 Rough shape but interesting cancel... more info
White Sulfer Springs, W. VA 1872
Code: A2578*Cover
Price: $25.00
White Sulfer Springs, W. VA 1872 1872 cover with #136... more info
Lewisburg, West Va Maltese Cross Cancel
Code: A2584*Cover
Price: $5.00
Lewisburg, West Va Maltese Cross Cancel ... more info
Weston, W. VA sith 'W' Cancel
Code: A2587*Cover
Price: $25.00
Weston, W. VA sith W Cancel Inverted W cancel on a #U46 Postal Stationery... more info
U.S. #Jamaica 123 Used
Code: A5431*Redbox
Price: $9.00
U.S. #Jamaica 123 Used ... more info

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