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Add value to your collection with our World Search Collections. We offer collections of all sizes and values from remainder collections on album pages to specialty collections built up from stocks and presented on Vario Pages.
Sold at a fraction of Catalog Value, these collections represent a great way to build your collection with stamps that many dealers will not sell individually because they are under a set value, but you still need them for your collection. Have many hours of enjoyment identifying and preparing these stamps for your collection. (We recommend NOT relying on the identification of the prior collector as they may have missed a valuable variety.)
Code: CN415238
Price: $43.20
Angola Collection : Better in the early issues under Portugeese Rule, mint and used Catalog Value=$190.... more info
Code: CN415235
Price: $67.50
Antigua Collection : Nice showing of mint sets and used, on International Pages Catalog Value=$284 Dis... more info
Code: CN415241
Price: $19.80
Argentina Collection : Mix of mint and used on stationery pages Catalog Value=$92 Discounted another 1... more info
Code: CN415242
Price: $11.70
Argentina Collection : Mint and used from 1900 to 1940s, some complete sets Catalog Value=$54 Discount... more info
Code: CN415239
Price: $37.80
Bahamas Collection : A better collection of mint and used, with many complete sets Catalog Value=$258 ... more info
Code: CN415268
Price: $21.60
Belgium Collection : Nice collection, including some mint semi-postal sets Catalog Value=$99 Discounte... more info
Code: CN415137
Price: $50.40
Belgium Collection on Scott International Pages Coverage from 1866 through WWI Occupation issues of Ge... more info
Code: CN415254
Price: $29.70
Brazil Collection : 1988-1992 mint issues in sets, mounted on Novus Pages Catalog Value=$134 Discounte... more info
Code: CN415255
Price: $28.80
Brazil Collection : 1990-93 mint issues in sets, mounted on Novus Pages Catalog Value=$132 Discounted ... more info
Code: CN415141
Price: $25.65
Bulgaria 1959-1965 on Soctt Album Pages Mostly CTO issues in complete sets (a few short sets) and some... more info
Code: CN415154
Price: $5.40
Bulgaria Collection A small collection of Bulgaria issues of 1960-61 and a page with with the semi-pos... more info
Code: CN415180
Price: $13.50
Bulgaria on Scott International Pages More pages than stamps (maybe a fairly complete album) with sta... more info

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