SCHAUBEK United States Hingless Stamp Album

Our Schaubek U.S. Stamp Album is the ultimate hingeless stamp album for your United States Collection. Printed under license for the Scott Publishing Company, this German manufactured hingeless stamp album is printed from the same plates as the Scott National Album to include Scott Catalog Numbers for each stamp. A 'hingeless' album, pre-positioned clear mount are ready for placement of your collection. No more searching for the correct mount size. No more cutting of mounts. No more introduction of moisture into your album as mounts are mointened. This was all done in Germany and stand ready for your collection.
SCHAUBEK: United States Hingless Album 1847-2013
Price: $1,599.95
Schaubek USA 1845-1934
Code: HUSA01
Price: $249.99
Schaubek USA 1935-1976
Code: HUSA02
Price: $249.99
Schaubek USA 1977-1993
Code: HUSA03
Price: $249.99
Schaubek USA 1994-2000
Code: HUSA04
Price: $249.99
Schaubek USA 2001-2004
Code: HUSA05
Price: $164.99
Schaubek USA 2005-2009
Code: HUSA06
Price: $199.99
Schaubek USA Hingeless 2010
Code: HUSA2010
Price: $48.99
Schaubek USA Hingeless 2012
Code: HUSA2012
Price: $46.99
Schaubek USA Hingeless 2013
Code: HUSA2013
Price: $49.99
Schaubek USA Hingeless 2009
Code: HUSA2009
Price: $44.99