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First Day Covers

First Day Cover Master List
Enjoy our complete listing of First Day Covers from all eras and many cahcets, beginning with the earliest through Back of the Books items.

Prexies on Cover

Prexies on Cover
Always of interest to cover collectors, view our listing of 'Prexies' on cover, including First Day Covers and commerical usages

Patriotic Covers

U.S. Patriotic Covers
Celebrate the patriotism of american on cover with our inventory of Calls to Arms and covers in support of our war efforts and national causes.

Territorial Covers

Covers to and from U.S. Territories
Covers to American Territories (including current states before admission into the Union) are always interesting pieces of Postal and American History

Catapult Mail

Catapult Mail Covers and Postcards
Flown covers and postal cards of this unique postal service, including Europa, Bremen, Condor - Lufthansa and the experimental S.S. City of Los Angeles.

Germany, DDR, Danzig

U.S. Vending Machine Perforations Review our inventory of German Postal History and Postal Stationery. We have a strong emphasis on the lead-up to WWII plus DDR First Day Covers & Danzig Postkarten.
German Postal History
German Postal Stationery
DDR Postal History
Danzig Postkarten

C.A.M. 1st Flights

C.A.M. and F.A.M. First Flight Covers
Our newest major addition to postal history inventory, we were fortunate to locate a substantial stock of early aviation related covers and committ to seeing this offering grow over time with further stock purchases.